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q for astral projectors
Post # 1
i havent atral projected, though id love to, just cant get that darn sleep poralisis while awake. Anyways, this is more about ability to "move" conciousness, or perspective. I am prety sure anyone can do this, but here goes. So when I close my eyes, I can move my perseption, anywhere i want. I can even "see" with it, somewhere else. Not like realisticaly im sure, its probly still just my minds eye, but it realy feels that the view is in the other place. Also, i see hypnagocic type images alot, when im not even in bed. I see blue spots, green spots, ect. I look up at the sky, see little dots EVERYWHERE. usualy clear, I look at a wall, see static. Is this becuase my eyes are crapy? a health problem? or could i have an easily moved consiuosness? it kinda scares me.. and is there any chance that this studf could make me vulnerable to say bad spirits or something? and also, my hypnagogia while falling sleep, and often when i just close my eyes, is always the same. It is greeb circles, that move from the outside of my vision space, down to the tip of my nose, like a worm hole type thing, but there just circles. when the get to my nose tip, it looks about an inch around, (now that i think of it, when it starts, it feels like its like a foot wide), anyways, when it gets to my nose, it sorts fills in witha purpley grey, then fades, then poof comes the next circle. does anyone know anything about my seemingly starnge (to me atleast) hypnagogia, or the transfer of point of view? it would bee great, and if noone else sees hypnagogia at random times, i might visit a doctor at some point, so il be takeing any input prety seriously..
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Re: q for astral projecto
Post # 2
um the stuff you are seeing during the vibrational stage is perfectly normal, but your seeing it when your eyes are open. there are 2 possible reasons for this, 1 you didnt fully ground yourself when you were done with astral projection. try and fully ground your self by meditating feel your physical body and all your senses. try and bring your astral body more into your physical body. 2 you have mental problem and need to go to the doctor. and no spirits cant hurt you unless you let them. - dark_rulers
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