Powerful Protection Spell

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Powerful Protection Spell
Post # 1
Hello members of SOM, I am here looking for some advice, recently me and my friend (in the coven) have been made aware of an evil... well I'm not sure what it is but it has been visiting my dreams making me forget events that happened the previous night, also when I find out some important information on how to rid ourselves of it in my dream, yet again it makes me forget.

It has said to me that it's coming after all of us now (me and my coven) so I am wondering if anyone knows any really old or powerful spells that we can use to protect ourselves and our houses. I am thinking of trying one of Scot Cunningham's spells for the home but also should I write my own?
It does freak me out a little because it felt like something was touching/stroking my head, I woke up and all my drawers had been opened.

Thankyou in advance for the help
-Nidawi )0(
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Re: Powerful Protection Spell
Post # 2
You can modify the spell you were going to use so that it suits your needs. You may want to banish the entity before doing the protection spell so that the protection spell acts like a barrier to the entity.
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Re: Powerful Protection Spell
Post # 3
You should really get into Jason Miller's book: Protection and Reversal Magick-A witches defense manual.. It has some really powerful punch packed variety magick to suit ones needs of protection. It has a diversity of spells and rituals from western occult,to greek hekataian rites, to chaos magick, to vodoo, hoodoo, native american, folk,practical, spirit traps, reversals, decoys, daily rituals of protection, exorsism,etc... It gives one much knowledge on finding the source of an attack and using logic in the midst of chaos to figure it out in clarity to make your move swiftly and rightiously.

But if your scared of getting your hands a little dirty and allowing your enemies to suffer their own attacks three folds over than it might not be for you.. But there are alternatives within the book.. Trust me its a great read and very real also easy to understand. There is use of latin in some of the rituals but if your not comfortable with that you can used the translated within the text. So its really an all around great book and it should be on every witches book shelf (It will be your much needed fire extinguisher with deep instruction.)
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Re: Powerful Protection Spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Why not get with your coven and write your own spell?
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