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Coven Forum Feature
Post # 1

I thought of a feature for the coven forums that I thought might be useful for managing covens; so I thought I would suggest it here.

In coven forums the priest and priestess as well as councilors have the ability to sticky threads, lock threads, and delete threads.

However in addition I thought it might be useful for the management of covens between coven leadership if there was an option to start threads that are only visable to coven leaders and council.

Essentially the option for priest/ess's and councilors to make a thread in only which they can view, post in etc.

Several of the following reasons why this feature would be helpful.

  • Some covens have council meetings and it would be helpful to post updates and announcements regartding coven business that doesn't need to be displayed to all members but yet allows for simeltanous updating of council and leaders without having to mail everyone important info.
  • In coven when issues arise, or tasks need to be done it would be appropriate to have the option to discuss certain things privately where council and leaders have access to it such as voting on coven issues, discussing problems when they arise etc.
  • In general it would lessen the time spent trying to manage a coven, and reduce some amounts of stress, and help inform those needed when they are unavailable for live council meetings and what not.

Of course there are cons and opposing views to such a feature however it would be up to each indivdual covens as a whole to work out the details and to agree on the use thereof and whatnot. Anyway I just thought I would put this out there, and be proactive about something.



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Re: Coven Forum Feature
Post # 2
Are you completely NUTS? geez. suggesting such a useful thing. What's WRONG with you?
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Re: Coven Forum Feature
Post # 3

LOL Stone

Oh and another feature just popped into my head. With articles and spells members are able to rate them one through five stars. It would also be super excellent if we could rate forum posts. It would be extremely useful when searching for decent and helpful information. :)

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Re: Coven Forum Feature
Post # 4
That is a wonderful idea Ribbit. However it has shown some flaws, at least as far as the spells go >.>
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Re: Coven Forum Feature
Post # 5

I haven't run into anything that only councilors should be allowed to know/see that I couldn't just email them about, but I'm sure issues like this arise in other covens.
It's an interesting idea to entertain, though it would just be more coding administration won't get to anytime soon if even they agree to it.
Doesn't seem to be an immediate necessity, and I doubt the administration would benefit from it so I can't see this happening.

But I've been wrong about Pet's moves before, so maybe someone might put in a good word.

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