Theory about water

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Theory about water
Post # 1
There are lots of myths and legends of magical creatures unable to cross moving water. Alchemists believe that the water in our bodies is where the energy in our bodies is stored. Homeopathy uses water's (apparent but technically unconfirmed) mimetic properties for medicinal purposes. Also, I'm pretty sure the Space Shuttle used water to absorb radiation. Is it possible that water could act as a kind of "magic sink" (as in heat sink)?
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Re: Theory about water
Post # 2
I read a book once that water houses ether better than any other medium i.e. air. But yes, I'd have to agree that it can act as a "magic sink"
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Re: Theory about water
Post # 3
I supose in theory... Yes.
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Re: Theory about water
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Water is the source of life and the destructor of life. It is where all life on this earth originated from. Water is filled with living organisms. All living things need water and have water within them. But too much water, and living things die. Storm clouds are formed from water collecting in the skies and hurricanes and tsunamis--the strongest and most devestating of weather revolves around water. I have had a long held theory that our oceans are the true physical embodiment of our creator and not the earth itself, as many cultures say. What is said of water? That it is what will end us. The waters will rise and ice over, just as in the "ice age". People fear the large ice caps melting because our earth works in cycles and will one day reproduce the ice age. But humans are tough and many will live through it, but many other creatures will die. Look at the great flood, and greenland vs iceland of history. To me it makes sense.

Water is a very strong force, and it is most commonly overlooked.
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Re: Theory about water
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Water also retains heat. In winter, it is warmer at the coast than inland. The sea takes heat in the summer and releases it in winter. When I was in the Army, in freezing January,I was told to get into the river during bridge building. I thought I would freeze. Not so! The water was warmer than the air. Great post, WhiteRaven.
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