What does it mean???

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> What does it mean???

What does it mean???
Post # 1
Two days ago i was walking down the street and on the sidewalk there was a raven looking right at me. As i walked closer to it i noticed it had one blind eye then all of a sudden it started to caw at me and tried to peck at me then i shooed it off.later that day when i came back to my house my dogs were barking like crazy so i went to my backyard to go check on them and my backyard had so many ravens sitting on the fence,and several flying around cawing like crazy. I never seen so many ravens in my life.I got my dogs in the house and then they started to go away. I didnt tell my mom because i didnt want to freak her out. so i tried to forget that it happened. The next morning i woke up and went to my window to open the blinds and the crow with one blind eye was there on the window sill. It looked at me then flew away and there layed a black feather. Nothing else happened that day but today when i woke up there another black feather on my window sill.What does that mean? Is someone or something out to get me?
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Re: What does it mean???
By: / Novice
Post # 2
im sorry i cant help but here's a video that might help
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Re: What does it mean???
Post # 3
Hopefully it will help. Thank you knox154
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Re: What does it mean???
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Were they ravens or crows? I would believe crows because ravens don't usually flock unless there is a very large amount of food (they're scavengers). Ravens are very big and have hooked bills. They're wingspan is about 3-4ft.
From your description, I would guess they are crows, and they normally are omens of death. So if you believe in omens and feel strongly that this is an omen, prepare yourself for the news of the death of a loved one and keep a watch on others and make sure they take proper precautions. Becareful yourself as well, and don't do anything risky. Signs are only warnings, not guaranties.

Ravens and wolves get along. So if they WERE in fact ravens, they may have thought the dogs knew where food was.
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Re: What does it mean???
Post # 5
Ah yes... They were Crows... I should have known the difference between a crow and raven... Thank you whiterav3n you think there is anything i can do to help protect myself and my family? Maybe like a protection spell?
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