I need help with 2 spells

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I need help with 2 spells
Post # 1
Hello my name is Karma Rose and I've always been very in tune with the spirit world, my mother is a psychic medium and her entire family has been very psychic.

Lately my abilities have been growing much stronger, My visions sometimes appear before my eyes and i've seen my fathers spirit many times come to me when i have been in need of guidance. I have predicted through dreams people passing away and danger that has saved lives.

There is a man that I want to be close friends with, just friends as he is gay. I have the ability to see a persons soul whether they are good or evil. This man is a good man and he would be the perfect friend. I wish he could be more but that's impossible. If anyone can help me to make him become drawn to me and to compel him to get to know me very well, i'd be thrilled and believe me i've been suffering a long long time due to a horrible relationship that ended. I need a good friend.

This man Jonathan lives in Israel and I live in New York so I hope that the distance will not be a problem, the company he works for is based in New York. Currently we communicate through facebook, and he has taken a liking to me.

I appreciate any help I can get.

The other spell is much more difficult as it involves my ex fiance and the father of my only child. Me and Johnny were together for over 10 years, he left me four years ago, to move in with a woman zulma, who is much older than he is. This woman hates me and johnny has never left me for anyone else and stayed away. He has cheated, lied, been verbally abusive, he is not the man I once loved. However, I was told that this woman used black magic to break johnny and I up. She's using, I am told, an amulet, or charm which is charged with magic. There is much negativity around this case as i've been told several times. I've been scammed, and I'm tired of trusting so called spell casters. I have personally tried some of the spells on this site and they have worked. I need help to break the relationship between johnny and zulma apart. She is truly poison. I've been suffering with severe depression as a result of the aggravation and I wish for my suffering to end. It's affecting my ability to take care of my son properly. Also I want johnny to start spending alot more quality time with his son, he has been ignoring him and he has never done that before.

I truly need a strong spell caster to work with me on these two cases. I appreciate anything that can be done. Feel free to contact me at
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Re: I need help with 2 spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
ok for the gay guy that you want to be close friends with if he already taken a liken to you then let it unfold i wouldnt cast a spell to get him to be more drawn to you for 2 reasons one you could cause he to back off and have nothing to do with ya and 2 if he dont will it then why make him

and the one spell that deals with your ex well to breakup a relationship isnt the way to go about it cause there is a saying whats goes around comes around and with magic the 3 fold law and if your ex and this woman are ment to be with each other then nothing you can do to break it that is fate yes i agree he does need to spend more time with his son and be a father but some guys are not ment to be fathers but with what it is causing you to be suffering i would focus on you and start by healing your self and balanace yourself out work on your chakras and aura for a stater then go for there i hope everything work out for you and i send energy your way to help you bright blessings
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Re: I need help with 2 spells
Post # 3
Thank you so much for your honest response, I respect that. My only concern was that she does have hatred for me and my son does spend time there with her and it bothers me that she doesn't know me and yet she hates me. I am going to take you r advice and focus on myself and my son. I will not cast a spell to break them up.

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Re: I need help with 2 spells
Post # 4
Hello. Moon raven was correct in telling you not to cast a spell for your friend, and also to break up your ex.

However, in the event that she is using magick, I strongly recommend protecting yourself and your son, if she does hate you as you said. Cleanse your home with sage, sweetgrass, franckinsence and/or myrrh and sprinkle salt/holy water (I know, very stereotypical). Do a small protection chant, and charge a talisman or amulet for protection. Her spells won't work if you have a charged, physical object of protection that on you. I also suggest using either citrine or amethyst.
And like moon raven said, karma will get her in the long run, just Don't let it bother you.

If you really want, try a return to sender spell, or a three times over unhexing spell, but only do these as a last resort. It's best to let the universe work her own magick at her own pace.

Love and Light, and good luck,
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