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Ahorn Here!
Post # 1
Hey! I'm Ahorn Erde, or Josie. I'm new and need help! I've been having all these strange dreams lately and I really don't understand them at all. They're of different subjects, but I can tell you what's in them. There's sharks, a lot of water, dolls, spiders, and mutants. Not all in the same dream, so it kind of weirds me out. I have been really stressed lately, though, but I don't think that's what causes them. When I'm stressed, I don't dream. At all. So I find this very unusual. If anyone can help me, please comment.

Blessed Be! :)
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Re: Ahorn Here!
Post # 2
I have noticed a lot of people are having odd dreams lately, including myself. Perhaps there is more to this.

To me it seems as though something is creeping you out or bugging you. It would depend on what these creatures mean to you, and how you feel in the dream.
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Re: Ahorn Here!
Post # 3
I feel totally relaxed and normal in my dreams. My spirit animal is a bear, and my element is Earth, so I really am at a loss when it comes to these elements in my dreams.
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Re: Ahorn Here!
Post # 4
Perhaps your subconscious is trying to push you out of your "comfort zone".
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Re: Ahorn Here!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
without context i can't help you as much, but i will give you blank deffinitions of the things [not sure if mutant is in my dream book though]

a shark can mean anger, hostility, and rage, if you're going through an emotional time this is saying you might be snapping at people, or you're giving yourself a really hard time. anoher option, the shark could be a person in your life who is greedy, or it's an aspect of yourself you wish to avoid.

water represents your spiritual self, your state of mind, and your inner balace. depending on if it's calm or not, or if it's muddy/clear warm/cold it can change the meaning. if it's calm you are in tune and at peace, if it's choppy, then you're in a state of emotional turmoil.

doll, a common dream actually, when they come to life you're trying to escape childhood things, become someone else, or escape present problems or responsibilites. if there's a bunch of dolls just lying around, then it's your childhood and you wish to get away from it. if you're playing with them, you're not comunicating with your contious and unconcious mind.

spiders, i'm gonna interpret if the spider was just there, not if it was eating a bug or spinning a web. you feel like an ousider, or you wish to keep your distance in a situation. another symbol of the spider is an overbearing mother figure.

sorry, my book doesn't have anything on mutants, perhaps it's got something to do with change and being unable to hide these things?
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Re: Ahorn Here!
Post # 6
Thanks, Nekoshema! The definitions actually are helpful! :) I'm able to understand the dreams now. :) Though, I'm still unsure of the dolls. The dream I had, it was two porcelain dolls. They came to life and started killing everyone. :/
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