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Post # 1

I have posted in a forum once and got many answers but still I haven't found the answer that suits me. I have a weird talent or gift. I'll tell you how I knew about it. Once I was playing with a ball and i threw it and it broke a lamp of crystals, I was beneath it, I just held my hands up and somehow the crystals just stopped and change coarse only one cut me. My brother saw it, he says it was a miracle. Another day we had a car accident, the people thought I died, I got out with only a broken arm.The door and the shattered window were bended towards me.It was like a cocoon. Another miracle? I think not, I think It somehow energy that I can send and I want to learn how to use it at will not only when scared. If you can help me I would really apreciate it~! No FLUFFS this is real so I want real anwers. Thank you & Blessed Be.

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Re: Help.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
interesting. not 100% on it, does kind of sound like you've already made up your mind as to what it is so regardless of what someone says you'll probably just bat it away. personally, i think it's probably a powerful spirit or 'guardian angel' that's protecting you. you could have strong spiritual energy, but i've never heard of cases outside fiction of stuff like that happening, so i can't be of help there.
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Re: Help.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The crystal shards flying away could have been you unknowingly using teleknisis or something similar to redirect them and your lack of experience caused you to miss one. The car deal could just be a coincidence or it could be something similar. Have you tried to consciously move or redirect something by willing it? I guess it could be some soft of guardian spirit or something like the above post mentioned.
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Re: Help.
Post # 4
I love helping with mistery's like this! And both of the statements above may be true. How ever I can conferm them. I can normaly solve caces like this. Send me a pm and Ill get some more details from you and see what I get.
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Re: Help.
Post # 5
It could be a raw energy field aka a forcefield. it sounds like it
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