The Divine

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The Divine
Post # 1
I started this post for others to share their perspectives of the Divine.
Do you believe in the Divine?
What is your belief of who or what the Divine is?
The path one was chosen to become One with the Divine?
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Re: The Divine
Post # 2
I more or less follow the ways my parents and grandparents set, but I also decide many things for myself as some things that were done in other countries can be done differently.
I more or less believe that divinity is a combination of male and female as well as the mass, molecules, and matter that was present at the commencement of time. I view it more as a sphere of energy and molecules that are found in the universe.
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Re: The Divine
Post # 3
I believe that it matters not which divine entity we believe in as in the long run I feel that we all follow the same source no matter what we call it. I follow Goddess who is the feminine side of the divine source others follow what ever they choose and it is still the same entity just a different aspect of the divine. I've talked with many friends who are gifted, the one who is the carrier of the pipes ( a shaman, holyman,spiritual leader) of his apache tribe believes the same way. To us the great spirit is what God is to christians and what Goddess is to wiccans. I travel a path of light and understanding, learning and teaching as I go, this life is just a stopping point on my journey to karmic perfection.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: The Divine
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
For me, the divine is not so much as an individual god or goddess. My experiences in dream divination, astral projection, summoning, and so forth have led me to view the whole of the cosmos as an aspect of the "universal divine" or something of this nature. One need not become one with the divine, for one is already part of it. There is not much one can do to avoid being part of it. However, in seeking an understand and closeness to it, there is a certain serenity that is rather impossible to describe in words.

Thus the concept of "Om", or the stories of those who weep when they see the face of those they worship, or those who cannot comprehend the true nature of "God."

Within this, I feel that even Gods and Goddesses are lesser to the whole scheme of things, or merely words and humanized characteristics applied to the whole divine in an effort to see, understand, and explain it. We are all equals within it. We are all lessers within it. We are all one, even as we are all separate.

Hokey hippie jargon? Perhaps. But surprisingly apt once you immerse yourself in the experience.
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Re: The Divine
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I believe in one Divine that is the intelligence behind creation--the center of it all. I see this being as having no gender or human form, but who's personality. characteristics are predominantly female. But alone, one being could not perform all that is within the universe, so the web began to be spun and other very strong spirits were created, they are apart of her, just as everything is. These are what I consider the pantheons and deities of all cultures. But these alone could still not keep up with all of creation. This is where nature spirits, daemon, angels, and the like come in. I think that all spiritual beings are viewed in the perspective of the various cultures therefore it seems like there. are thousands of different types, but when you study them, you see that there are uncanny resemblances.

Let's look at Saint Mary for example, Queen of the Heavens. Then look at Sumerian Astarte, Ishtar of Babylon, Hera of Greece, Venus of Rome, Isis of Egypt. The list goes on and on. To me these are all one in the same, being described through different archetypes.

Everything in the universe is interconnected because it all comes from the same energy source, therefore it is apart of that energy source. And that source is what some call God, Goddess, both, or another derivitave. All cultural views honor the same beings but perceive them differently. We aren't all right, nor all wrong. It is within our perspectives that we paint the picture of what we consider the Great Spirit and other higher beings to be. So it is our truth.

I feel closer to the Divine by looking within myself and connecting to nature.
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