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Forums -> Magic Items -> Herb Meaning

Herb Meaning
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I heard somewhere that each herb has its meaning, like colors of candles. for example.
So does anyone know each Herb meanings?
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Re: Herb Meaning
Post # 2

Hello Ladymystic I found this great website with all of the herbs meaning hope it will help you and everyone here =)

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Re: Herb Meaning
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Look through the herbalism section here. There are many informative topics there that I'm sure you will enjoy.
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Re: Herb Meaning
Post # 4
I LOVE herbs! My spice rake is my favorite space in the kitchen! Heres a few things; GINGER-confusious used it in everything he ate. It can be used for calming the nerves, good for meditation and pre-ritual and spells to help you focus. Tarragon-aka mugwart, is a dream herb. if ur into dream work, its the number one go to! as are sage and rosemary. ROSEMARY-valued for its potent smell, a favorite in for many spell practitioners. Im not sure of any "magic" properties thow.. BASIL-considered holy in India, and very important to Italy. It has many uses, stimulates the mind, and can cause vivid dreams. LAVENDER-calms the mind, another favorite of spell practitioners, calms the body, even an afrodiesiace (for men, thus its a female scent). Mustard powder-when used several days in a row, has a subtle effect on the mind, causes increased focus, and may even promote intuition. prepared mustard can substatute. Marjoram-its said that ingesting marjoram gives one dreams of there soulmate. i hope its not true, cuz if it is im made for a nerd! lol. Aloe-healing. disinfecting. RED PEPPER-stimulus of metabolism. CLOVES-helps increase "chee". GARLIC-proctection from evil and suposidly vamps via the potent smell, helps heart problems, and stimulates blood flow. CINNOMON-its potent smell and afrodiesiace uses make it a powerful tool for love spells. It also increases blood flow, and is great to add to tea, hot cocoa, or coffe when its cold, it causes feelings of warmth. another reason its used for love spells. CHIVES-smell beautiful, great for luck and money spells, cant prove that, but its the vibe it gives me. LICORICE-great for pritection spells, and yummy to, good for colds and the flu. Black is ALWAYS better and much more natural, especialy when derived from the root instead of made into candy. ALLSPICE-increase ur chee, native to voodoo practiceing countries, great for voodoo therfore. ROSEBUD-great for love spells, heath, blood flow, nerves, sicknesses, and may even help concentration. Hope this helps!
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