Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation
Post # 1
Recently, I've been having very strange dreams about a number of things. My love life, family and friends, and most recently, the world coming to an end. I understand that the claims about 2012 being the apocolyptic year are scientifically incorrect, but my dream takes the theory and changes it a bit. In my dream, the world ends, not in a natural disaster, but in a dictatorship. It's all very confusing. If you know something that would help me interperet my dream or if you have a bit of background experience with things like this, then if you could help me out, that would be great. I will provide details for anyone who asks. Thanks in advance :) Blessed be.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 2
Quite often more than not when i dream it's so vivid and real but unlike you my dreams are of the darkest kind tormenting my sleep. i don't know if i have any magical power but sometimes i get these flashes in my head of something that is to pass i have dabbled in magic and so far my spells have worked so perhaps what i'm saying is that your dreams are a manifestation of your power showing you the past present and future in other words heed your dreams and express them for they may be premonitions of things to come.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 3
It's funny you should say that. In that dream, I was chosen to protect someone against this dictator because we were both keys to the 'upcoming rebellion' against this person. I was able to tell the future, and I had accurate flashes of the past that had nothing to do with the dream. When I woke up, I asked my mother about some of these flashes, and it turned out they were memories from her childhood. If my dream was a manifestation of my power, perhaps there is a mental block when I am awake that takes away my ability to use power, and when I sleep, that mental block is taken away? Just a guess. Thanks for your knowledge in this subject :)
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 4
Im vary skilled in dream interpertation how ever i suck at spelling it so if i spelt it wrong for give me. In case u dont get this I am going to msg u as well.
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