Peace Oil

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Peace Oil
Post # 1
I tried this 2 months ago and so far I have enjoyed it.
Peace oil
8 ounces olive oil
3 tablespoons crumbled dried hyssop
2 tablespoons sandalwood chips
? teaspoon myrrh essential oil
1 teaspoon frankincense essential oil
1 8-ounce bottle with cork or nonmetallic screw top
Pour the olive oil into the bottle. Add the hyssop and sandalwood. Seal the bottle and store in a place away from direct sunlight. Let the herbs steep for a complete moon cycle. On a Monday evening of a waxing moon, strain out the herbs using a fine sieve. Recite the following as you finish making the oil:
Wholesome herbs of hyssop and sandalwood
Release your ashe
For it contains all that is pure and good
(Gently swirl the essential oils into the strained olive oil)
Fragrant nuggets so rich and so warm
Imbue the Peace Oil with your magick
(swirl the blend again and begin pouring it trough a funnel into the decorative bottle)
No more harm,
No more harm!
Herbs leaves and stones work like a charm
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Re: Peace Oil
Post # 2
* 1/2 teaspoon myrrh essential oil *
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Re: Peace Oil
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Nice recipe. It seems similar to peace water.

I would just like to add that it shouldn't be a screwed on top at all, especially if its a glass bottle. Certain herbs and ingredients release gases that can build up inside and either shatter the glass or pop off the top like a gun. Cork tops are always safest because the cork will come loose and save the bottle/jar from shattering and a cork won't hurt anyone seriously if it flies off.

So a "non metallic screw top" still isn't exactly "safe" because the glass can still shatter. The screw top can prevent air from escaping naturally from the top.

Just trying to look out for everyone's safety. =)
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Re: Peace Oil
Post # 4
That is why you do not fill the glass all the way up. This is a very nice recipe, and i am glad you added it.

It is important that you seal off the herbs because it reduces and almost obliterates the chance of mold growing on it. I have made oils with open jars before, and it always ended in mold on the top.

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Re: Peace Oil
Post # 5
Thank you WhiteRav3n. I have never had a problem with screw tops but thank you for the warning. I?m not sure what your recipe is for Peace Water, and if you don?t mind sharing I would be grateful. Mine is quite complicated with two layers of Indigo Water with a layer of Rose of Jericho Water in-between. The hard part is layering the oil and water so that the three layers remain distinct.
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Re: Peace Oil
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Nice recipe, I love how the ingredinets also bring spiritual purity and the oil could somewhat be very good in work with, and honoring Loa Obatala. I also think it could be used in Uncrossing work as well :)
Thanks for sharing, You inspired me as well so here it goes:

Peaceful home oil

* Sandalwood essential oil or few chips
* Rosemary
* Basil leafs
* Lavender
* Frankincese tears
* OPTIONAL : Pennyroyal herb ( or essential oil )

All in base of olive oil. Good for using as oil component in all sort of Piece water :)
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Re: Peace Oil
Post # 7
Thank you bored_spirit the recipe is out of the book Sticks, Stones, Roots, And Bones. Im not familiar with all of the Loa/Lwa just yet. Im currently researching the pantheon from Haiti.
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