A Vampire spell.....

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> A Vampire spell.....
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A Vampire spell.....
Post # 1
This is a spell that is supposed to turn you into a vampire.
It works for some and doesn't for others~


You have to believe in vampires!
It has to be night time
It would be best to do it when there is a full moon (next full moon-January 9th, 07:30)

You have to say this 10 times~

Blood red, pale skin,
Moon light draw me in,
Quench my thirst, coarsing veins,
Let my body feel no pain.

Side affects~

Your canines grow a little sharper (NOT longer.)
You do have a thirst or blood, but this can be controlled.
You can see, hear and smell much better.
You can run a little faster.

This spell is most likely to work if you are alone and not doing it for a 'joke' with your mates.

Hope it works!

If it works for you then please tell me.

It is most likely to work if you are alone

Re: A Vampire spell.....
Post # 2
Sorry, ignore the last line, i accidentally typed it twice,

Re: A Vampire spell.....
Post # 3
im gunna try it

Re: A Vampire spell.....
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Vampires from movies don't exist. It's called Hollywood.

Re: A Vampire spell.....
Post # 5
Ooh>.< I wanna get my friend to do it!!XD hmm will he be able to bite people? And like not kill them when he does so? Lols^-^ like usual vamps feed but the wound heals almost instantly lol^-^

Re: A Vampire spell.....
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
A spell cannot turn you into a vampire. No spell will alter your biology.

Re: A Vampire spell.....
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
ive lost count on the amount of times you've told people this whiteraven

Re: A Vampire spell.....
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Its kind of a useless effort nowadays WhiteRaven. No matter how many times you tell them. Theres always gonna be young and old people who will believe they can do this. Its best just to let them try it and learn themselves its not true.

Re: A Vampire spell.....
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
I feel like a broken record! That's true. But I feel that even I change one person's mind out of many, it's worth the hassle.

Re: A Vampire spell.....
Post # 10
you can't be one.. its inborn.. (coz i'm a psychic vampire- and its really hard to be one because of some depleted energy centers).. if you want to be one go here in my palace and i'll bite you.. lol.. (just joking)..

you know, those spells that transforms you into something don't really exist.. and if does exist, why become a vampire? you could be a demon or an angel or you could be the most HANDSOME GUY OR MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE.. (if these alteration spells do exists, please teach me BECAUSE I WANT TO BECOME THE MOST HANDSOME GUY IN THE WORLD!!!)- see my point kid?

stop mixing your anime/movie dilemma with the truth.. animes (because i'm a big fan of it and i know that those of you who wants to be transformed into something else are because of those animes or movies) are just animes.. and the truth will always be the truth.. if you really want to become one, then prove it!! PRACTICE UNTIL ONE DAY, YOU COULD BE ONE!!

and about your spell saying it in 10 times-its just hypnotizing yourself.. you don't really become one.. its only in your mind.. BECAUSE AGAIN, ITS JUST HYPNOTIZING YOURSELF..

please don't misinterpret my post.. i'm just stating you WHAT I'VE LEARNED.. and hopes that one day, you will also realize what i and others have realized..

darkest blessings..

may your journey be fruitful..

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