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Transformation teacher
Post # 1
So to start, I'm going to just say that I'm not some desperate shallow girl whose nose is crooked and wants to be a model. As a result of a heart condition and bodily problems (which are now healed) I am now oddly shaped in certain areas. This has made it difficult for me to accomplish anything without becoming a laughing stock. I am looking for a teacher who can help me transform my body with only spells and no supplies. I believe but I need guidance. I want magick that does not hurt anyone, but besides that, I don't care.?
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Re: Transformation teacher
Post # 2
Note; I am not HORRIBLY disfigured, but I want to become beautiful again from the inside out.
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Re: Transformation teacher
Post # 3
Honey, you are beautiful, no matter what they say. And if you rock that confidence in that statement, then nobody can touch you, and you will be a goddess to them. Confidence is a very attractive trait, and the more confident you are, the more attractive you are to others.
As for the spell(s), I recommend your simple wishing spell. Or maybe even something more elaborate, if you are desperate. But all in all, I seriously doubt that you need a spell to make you beautiful.

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Re: Transformation teacher
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Scrupulous tells it right! Meditation will help to build confidence. It is what you are as a person that counts. Not what you look like!
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Re: Transformation teacher
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Nice post Scrupulous.

I would also like to add, why don't you look into oriental diagnosis and diet change. I do understand that health problems can alter your face and skin, but this can be reversed if your condition was corrected. In natural medicine, a healthy person is in perfect balance. When there is a problem, the imbalance must be counterbalanced. It sounds to me that in time, and with the right research, you can rebalance your body and much of what the heart condition and other health problems caused.
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Re: Transformation teacher
Post # 6
Dragonmaiden, you are a beautiful woman, and let no one tell you otherwise. Those who laugh are jealous of you, they're an obstacle everybody has to overcome, and if you handle it right, its probably the easiest. They're jealous of you, because you're beautiful on the inside AND out. They're cold on the inside and find humor in attempting to make others feel bad. They will learn. One way or another it will be returned to them. I KNOW for a fact that you are beautiful, and no one else can change my thought.
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No Subject
Post # 7
Dragonmadian, beauty is not your looks, it is what people see you for, who you are, how you treat people and your outlook on life. I believe you are truly beautiful and no one can take your true beauty from you.
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