Can someone help me?

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Can someone help me?
Post # 1
Hi, everyone.

I'm not new to this sight, I've used it for years, but I'm curious and need answers, and what better people to help me then you spell casters?
I have grown up in a fairly normal family, yet my mother is proud to have celtic routes and has once told me that she is telekinetic, although she never uses her power anymore and doesn't involve herself with 'magic' (we're a catholic family) though she herself is highly aware of the supernatural and doesn't deny its existence. She may even be fascinated by it, but I've always been too shy to ask her about it.
Okay, here's my real question: She told me the legend of the seventh child (who is supposed to posess certain powers, though the exact definition of what they can do is blurred and varies on singula traditions, although one says that the seventh daughter is a witch!!), and of course you've guessed it - I'm the seventh daughter. I've always been interested in magic, but never really dabbled seriously, and yet when I tried a snow spell for fun the other week, I was delighted and surprised by its immediate affect, though I don't know if it was me or the weather, though I know it wasn't forcasted at all. I trid it again at home after laughing about it with my mother, and the snow at once got thicker and faster. I jokigly suggested I might have an affinity for snow, and my mother seriously responded with the 'seventh child' idea, and suggested that I could have a little magic in me.
Yes, sometimes I feel like I have already lived moments (a sort of future sense??) and sometimes strong overwhelming tingles and restlessness. I don't know is I really do contain some power or not, whether the legend is really true, and whether - if I do contain some kind of magcal affinity - whether I should nurture it or ask questions to my mother about it. I know she doesn't like to put too much stock in the idea, being a christian, though I knw she is open to the idea.
Someone please help me!!!
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Re: Can someone help me?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Why not? Catholic priests use magic every morning at Mass.
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