Confrontation spell? HELP

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Confrontation spell? HELP
Post # 1
I have a situation with my boyfriend's ex girlfriend... They dated only a couple of days after me and my boyfriend broke up... Keep in mind this happened over a couple of years ago and we're back together again. But, since then I've seen this girl as an enemy, but the more I had seen her through social networking and even on college campus, the more I want to confront her. In the beginning I straight up just wanted to face her so I can hit her (which she knew and is why she always avoided me), but now ... Now, the feeling's surpressed and all I want to do is to just confront her. I want her to know how I feel and I want to know why she did what she did. I just need answers from her...

I've looked around and cannot really find any spells similar to my situation. I need a little help...
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Re: Confrontation spell? HELP
Post # 2
I also have hematite to help stabilize me and my boyfriend's relationship and blue lace agate to have some tranquility in my life, but lately I had felt like there was a void which gave me the conclusion that I still wasn't over what happened between them...
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Re: Confrontation spell? HELP
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Perhaps you should carrying around stones and work on a spell for self healing.

I wouldn't call holding a grudge for years on end over something that in all rights wasn't your concern anyways to be a sign of good mental health and balance.

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Re: Confrontation spell? HELP
Post # 4
I would suggest you work on emotional healing first. People often get mad when someone dates a person they were with (if they have feelings for them still). It is not a good idea to hold onto this anger and try to confront her years later. What is done in the past should be left there where it belongs. Try working on those issues through meditation and healing. When you feel less bothered by the past, perhaps you could work on strengthening your relationship so you will not be worried about it happening again ;)
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Re: Confrontation spell? HELP
Post # 5
I think I may need to work on my meditation then... It doesn't matter to me that they were together before at all, the only thing that really got to me was the perversion... I really felt betrayed. But we were in our late teens, early twenties so I guess I should have expected it. :/
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