how to open your 3rd eye

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how to open your 3rd eye
Post # 1
hi again so some of you seen my post help with a mer. problem or wiccans open your eyes i need to know how to open my third eye cause i found out truecat's friend has her's open and when i send her a pic of my feet in water she saw the tip of my fins so i want to see to anybody know how to open a thrid eye
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Re: how to open your 3rd eye
By: / Novice
Post # 2
uh... okay, not too sure about most of that, but opening your third eye takes concentration mostly.

you could open all chakra's, or just the one, but i'd sudjest working on them all to some degree at least. meditate, then visualize in the middle of your forhead a violet light. there are many other ways to visualize, some see a violet flower opening, or a violet gem of some kind, or even a spinning disk. the point, whatever you invision [i see a gem in a violet haze, so we'll go with gem] it will be muted in colour, or dirty, visualize it getting clean, it could spin, or you could invision something wiping it away. as you practice, there will be less gunk to clean off and the colour will get brighter.

after the chakra work, you should strengthen it with psychic excerizes depending on what it is you want to do. it sort of sounds like something to do with seeing things most can't, so i'll go with aura's. you can use your own hand to do this, have it a bit away from a wall of a solid colour [i prefer dark colours, but others like lighter] stare slightly past your hand. as time goes on you will begin to see a thin line around your hand, and with further practice most see colour. [i don't, but i can see everyone aura with little effort]

there's also a third eye tea i know, but it's at home in my BOS and i'm at work currently. i believe there's one like it on the site, so you could search for it yourself. hope that helped.
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Re: how to open your 3rd eye
Post # 3
Just adding to what was said above.

Something that may also help ease the process, and it may even be an ingredient in the tea mentioned above, is an herb called mugwort.

This herb has ties to lucid dreams, and helping to open up your natural psychic abilities. If a small dose is added to an herbal tea, it is said to help promote psychic growth and lucid dreaming.

Mugwort is also often used to clean, or clear, crystal balls before crystal gazing, to help draw forth the spirits and increase the outcome of the crystal gazing.

I am actually planning on growing this herb myself for use with lucid dream training, however just yesterday I had the idea of using it to help open up my third eye. I was considering making a light tea with it, and using that tea to make a mark on my forehead where the third eye is said to be located, then drinking the remaining tea. If this does help any I will definitely post back on this forum.

You can also order mugwort online through various sites (including, which sells almost everything), try to go with the dried leaves or powder as oils are said to be a little too strong and dangerous if too much is used.
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Re: how to open your 3rd eye
Post # 4
I actually just read in an herbalism book, Herbal Magick I think it was, that the method I talked about above, marking your third eye with mugwort, has actually been used before. So, once my mugwort starts to grow and gets to the proper age, I'll definitely be trying that method to help with unlocking my third eye.
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