A name question

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A name question
Post # 1
do specific names help shape personalities? does the meaning of a name affect the bearer of the name? baisicly does your name affect you in any way
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Re: A name question
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I think sometimes that the answer is yes. For example, if there was a guy named Angel or Angela. That guy is more likely to be teased in school because of his name when he is very young. By the time he gets to Junior High or High School he's likely to put on a tougher face and act tougher because he feels bad about his name, which makes him feel bad about himself and it might make him act like a bully because he feels bad about himself or, just act tougher because he doesn't like being teased. Although; if the bullying happened since early elementary school he could also learn to be tolerant and not let it bother him because it's happened so much and adults gave him support; and tried to tell him not to let it bother him. That's probably less likely though than the first one. Me for an example, I learned when I was in Junior High School that my name meant strong leader and it made me want to take more of a leading role in the group I was in at the current time. Yes, names do effect some people but, everybody gets effected in a different way.
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Re: A name question
By: / Novice
Post # 3

In the old days of yore and in some of the remaining "primitive" areas of the world, we had and have more than one name throughout our lifetimes.

In many different cultural settings, a person would start out with a baby name, something simple and easy, or something which represented the person at the time of their birth.For instance, if a mother saw two hawks right as she was giving birth, the child might be named Two Hawks, or Two Hawks in a Deep Wood, etc. The child might simply be named, John's son, or something else that showed who's child it was.

As the people would age and grow older, they could pick up another name before or while reaching adolescence. For instance, by fighting a powerful and dangerous animal they could be named after the slaying of the creature, such as Wolf Killer, or Panther Slayer, or even something like Powerful Child. The name would be chosen after the fact to commemorate the event that occurred. Becoming an orphan even could change or simply add a name.

When the people reach adulthood, they go through several changes. Because of this, many peoples, past and current, have created types of ceremonies in which the old baby name is cast aside and a new name is chosen for the person based on who they are at this point. This name describes them fully, telling all who they are and what they have done.

However, again, as they go through life this name can change again.

The reason I explained this, because it gives information for what I am discussing on the topic as a whole. Personally, I feel names can both make and break us, however, I also feel that names are not the ultimate deciding factors within our personality. I think it is more the personal connotations towards the name and what it means to the individual that determines whether we are affected by it.

For instance, my full name was given to me by my father, and I was proud of it for years and got upset over people attempting to change it in any way. After a while, while I still remained proud of the name I had been given, I realized that I rather liked my name being shortened by a few friends, and as time went on, by everyone who knows me. I am comfortable now being called by either, however, my name has religious connotations to it. While I am not religious in any specific way, I can look to the meaning in such a way that it still holds meaning to me. The meaning it holds to me now, is what is important to me. To me it means I am myself, and that can only be taken away from me if I allow it. In two years, who knows what it will mean.

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Re: A name question
Post # 4
Well, I believe the meaning of the name can affect the personality of the name's bearer. My name for instance, Kevin, means Handsome or "Gentle Giant", while idk about the handsome part, I was always the most gentle and patient in my family. (no joke, I don't mean to sound boastful at all)
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Re: A name question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
In psychology, names starting or shortened to have a "y" or "ie" at the end, such as Mary, Mikey, Katie, etc are not taken as seriously as those who end strongly. Although it doesn't weigh on the successfulness of the person's life, it does weigh on how they are treated by others which could make it more difficult for the individual to succeed.

I do believe in giving children and even animals strong names. I do find that those with strong names tend to be more confidant and determined. Naming someone after an individual who had/has traits you wish for your child to model after I feel holds true. As they grow up and see or hear of these people, they connect with them and desire to be like them. My daughter's name happens to be shared with a past strong willed queen. She is very proud of it.
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Re: A name question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
*names ending or shortened*
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Re: A name question
Post # 7

In numerology they add the letters of your name and birth date to come up with a number. This is said to give insight into the persons personality. This would be their destiny number. It tells a little about the personality of the person, and the path they should follow in life.

If you want to know more, I suggest you read "Sprit of Numerology" By Joice Ashley :)

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