seeing color, shapes, fig

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> seeing color, shapes, fig

seeing color, shapes, fig
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been doing astral projection for a few days now an so far this is my third day and I've had some trouble with this when i sleep i see colors of dots or waves or a little light that flashes in my right eye as i sleep so far. The second time i think i was astral projecting i did indeed see my body in the astral world but I also saw shapes and figures in my room (kinda freaked me out to be honest lol) as I could also talk to them. I've been hearing strange noises too wheather I'm at home, school, etc. I hear voices that call my name can anyone on this site help me please and thank you.
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Re: seeing color, shapes, fig
Post # 2
Did you make your circle of protection before your attempts? When I do things I always say a prayer of protection:" the light of Goddess surrounds me, the love of Goddess enfolds me, the power of Goddess protects me, where ever I am she is and all is well." I am always careful as to not invite a negative entity into my life.
Blessings and providence:
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Re: seeing color, shapes, fig
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
When we step foot on the astral we walk between the worlds (physical and spiritual). A piece of our conscious mind drifts away, allowing us to explore. Some people live everyday in such a way that allows them to be aware of both sides naturally, but it is not the same concept as astral travel. What it sounds like to me is that you didn't bring yourself all the way back when you traveled. You aren't fully grounded back in your body and are viewing and hearing the astral because you're still floating around while in control of your body. While this may seem like a nice thing for some, it isn't good for you not to be 100% "awake". You're consciousness is somewhere inbetween and you need to restore it for your own health on all levels.

I would recommend not attempting astral projection for a few days and focus on your physical being. You need to ground yourself well, and as was suggested above, cast a protection on yourself, and I would also recommend protecting your home or at least your bedroom too.

Meditate as if you are going to project, but reverse it, and really FEEL your body, experiences your senses fully, and bring yourself into full awareness of the physical. Pull all that is you back into yourself. Feel your consciousness come back. If during your meditation you feel a floating sensation, you need to pull yourself back into your body slowly and reinforce it being there. Eat and drink something afterward and truly taste and enjoy the food. Pick up an object and study it with sight and touch, or take a shower and feel the water as it strikes your skin, smell the soap, etc.

When traveling, it is very important that when we are finished traveling, that we return exactly as we left and ground. Coming out of it quickly or just opening our eyes and moving around doesn't always bring our energy back to where it was. And that's what I believe happened with you.

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Re: seeing color, shapes, fig
By: / Novice
Post # 4
^^ agreed. another way, while meditating and trying to ground, visualize roots from your body burrowing into the earth, if you're in your room, visualize them finding there way to the ground, trough the floor down to the foundation. focus on the growth of the roots.
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