What exactly is magick?

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Forums -> General Info -> What exactly is magick?

What exactly is magick?
Post # 1
What exactly is magick? why do people choose to get involved?
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Re: What exactly is magick?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Magic, in my opinion, is the opposite end of the spectrum of science.

Both are working hard to unravel the mysteries of the universe. One works in concrete proof. One works in more intangible truths.

This is perhaps why magick becomes illusive and difficult to define and explore; the intangible truths leave it open to a great deal of interpretation, and allow for any individual with a vivid imagination to exclaim "But it is true because I believe!"

All in all though, both magick and science require intelligence, analytically thought, and hard work. They both open up the mysteries of the world to you, and are pursuits of knowledge and creativity.
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Re: What exactly is magick?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Magick is the exploration, oneness and use of nature on a physical and spiritual level. Science and magick can get along, but where science stops, magick continues. Magick is air, fire, water, earth and spirit. Science looks into all of these except spirit. Magick delves deep into the "spirit" side. By "spirit" I am referring to everything that is not tangible--spirits, forces, divinity, etc. All of this can be narrowed down to one word, energy. Within everything there is energy. Even science agrees on this but doesn't explore it or perceive it the way we do. When something in science cannot be explained with hard evidence, it is labeled "unknown". Magick explores this unknown, we don't need "hard evidence" when the "proof" is something we personally experience. When we walk down a path of magick, we are more aware of the ebb and flow in all things and form an intimate relationship with it. And through this relationship we connect to it, learn from it, and gain the ability to harness some of it ourselves.
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Re: What exactly is magick?
Post # 4
Well True for me it is like, say like when an athelete is in the zone on the top of their game, like being on a different plane, being in control knowing and feeling that everything one tries is possible and seeing it through from the start to the end, the thrill of trying something new, a tweek here a tweek there, the highs of when something tried works and when they dont shrugging and thinking lets try it another way, the feeling of energy and loosing oneself in the moment
thats what magick means for me, things dont always work for me, i try to do things my way, take short cuts and do things on instict, but thats how i love to do things, but its the thrill of finding the plane/zone and things working that keeps me energised

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Re: What exactly is magick?
Post # 5

In my opinion, magic (in the form we use it) is a way of affecting our surroundings without using direct means. In other words your using thought and energy rather then physical force to get your desired results ;)

L.L.B xox


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Re: What exactly is magick?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I used to describe magick as the ability to see/sense and affect the energy of the world around you, which is true, but it gets much more complex than that. Magick I think is a more general term for something that encompasses many different topics, ideologies, and concepts, much like "science" can describe physics, chem, bio, etc. I think it not only goes beyond earth, air, fire, and water into the spirit, but goes beyond the physical reality to the connection to nature. Instincts, intuition, the power of just sitting outside surrounded by the natural environment. Magick is the reconnection to abilities and ideologies forgotten and not as concrete as what we perceive as reality, which makes it very general and confusing to figure out, but fun all the same.
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