Need a translating hand.

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Need a translating hand.
Post # 1
OK... frankly, not sure if this is a spell or just me cranking out more poetry. I was, while not drunk, certainly inebriated when this came to me, which is when I do most of my poetry. I wouldn't ask normally, but this is nothing even remotely similar to my normal poetry while drinking. Nor, in fact, was I even close to my normal level of intoxication while writing this. Further more, the feeling while I was writing this was completely different from what I normally feel while writing poetry.

Normally, poems just come to me. This, I kept going back and revising. I didn't even feel entire in control of myself while I was writing it. This was also in an entirely different format from my normal poems, so far as rhythmic style goes.

So, what I ask is two fold:
1) If this is a spell or not.
2) If this IS a spell, what it might even be.

Yeah, I do realize that I am probably asking a lot with not a lot of information to go off of, but it's bugging me like no tomorrow is coming.

Possibly pertinent info about me:
1) I am chaotic by nature.
2) I specialize in magic that is best done with enormous energy, rather than any particular level of skill
3) I have a personality verging on animalistic, and pack-like, similar to that of a wolf.
4) My poetry tend to be extremely dark when I drink, and only semi-chaotic, less chaotic than my mindset is normally, but still more chaotic than the average schmoe.
5) the closest thing to a worshiped patron I have is Loki the Red, though I don't actually worship anything.

Hopefully these pieces of my personality will assist you in your reading of this... thingy I came up with today. Please help me out, if you can. If not, thanks for at least reading it.

flaming dark
light the night
holy blight upon the card,
evil bringing peace to shard

dead of day
life of night
Ocean's warmth upon the hearth,
sun's chill upon the earth

call those gone
exile to the present
drinking clean hemlock
eating poisoned gold

now for life
now for exit
now for light
now for night

the world stops
the world turns
life ends with the start of the new
death ends with the end of the old
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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Sounds like you're trying to turn something around 180 degrees. You're using the opposites, I do it quite a lot. "Black is white, white is black" is actually a part of one of my spells that serves the same function. I have done more in this same light, but I can't think of them off of the top of my head.

The last two lines sold me on the interpretation. Death is change, what follows is rebirth. It's the cycle of life. Life ends, death comes, death ends, life begins again. You're bringing on change, and a big one. A "rebirth" if you will. Literally flipping your situation 100% opposite. It would be a good spell when you're "rock bottom"

I actually really enjoyed reading it.
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Re: Need a translating hand.
Post # 3
It does seem like it has to do with death of the present and rebirth of that which you once saw as good, but in a new fashion.
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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Nice poem. It's kind of odd but I like the style.
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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
flaming dark (flame (light vs dark)

light the night (enlightenment/knowledge of a shadow kind (of strong (flaming) darkness)

holy blight upon the card, (holy (pure) causing blight (disease/decay = both impure)

evil bringing peace to shard (evil (impure) causing peace (pure))

This is an opposite but also possibly a very powerful statement...holy being hypocrites and evil being misunderstood.

dead of day (backward, usually seen as reversed life of day and dead of night, also could be demonstrating your use of the energy from the night/darkness/shadow, literally saying the day is dead to me, the night is where the life (energy) is that I use as a source)

life of night

Ocean's warmth upon the hearth, (fire is usually upon the hearth (backward))

sun's chill upon the earth (again opposite sun (warmth) being described as chilling but reflecting on why it is "dead" it brings you no warmth aka "life")

call those gone (spirits, ancestors, the "old ones", etc)

exile to the present (exile (can be synonymous with transport) an interesting word to summon them from the past to the present or merely call forth, a forceful word, like they have no choice, you demand it be done)

drinking clean hemlock (clean (pure) vs hemlock (poison) )

eating poisoned gold ( poison (literal) vs gold (pure))

now for life (beginning)
now for exit (end or death)

now for light (day)
now for night (dark)

the world stops
(Stops spinning (your life/situation progressing as it is))
the world turns
(Reversing it's spin in the oppostie direction)

life ends with the start of the new
death ends with the end of the old
(The "norm" would be life begins with the start of the new" and "death begins with the end of the old) but you used "end" instead of "begins", in a way turning your world upside down through opposites.

This reads more like a rant. Something with a definite sharp fast rhythm that builds momentem and energy. The constant opposites are conditioning your mind to think in reverse to the reality of the situation. It is all symbolic for the most extreme of change.

Perhaps you're saying that the world now looks wrong (hence the contradictions) and you at the very end conclude that it be put back into order.

I'm sorry if my notes are a little scattered. I didn't want to be too specific, seeing that it is your work, you're the best judge.
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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
If you're a Seinfeld fan, this whole thing reminded me of "bizarro world". =)
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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

You have said it that you are chaotic and people with such nature tend to go to extremes and sometimes in time of enlightment to unify impossible things which creates paradox .Paradox itself is very unstable status or structure but it generates immense power .Again your style thing .You see when you are in trance you get this immense creative ideas ,which are clue to you .The trick is to go behind the mind censor and to convey the clue .How that is done ,by using symbols ,images or words ,which on first sight are impossible or paradox .I would think of it as a something which holds the key for my own inner world (in case i wrote it ).Lets not forget all fancy stuff we do in magic are simply key clues for subconscious to link to .So in way you give yourself clues to follow along your path .I understand it but it is hard for me to convey it with words .Meditate more on it and try to repeat that to yourself then relax and let go and see what pops out in your mind .Is it image ?Is it idea ?Is it sound or feeling ?I tend to write in same way (things comes to me for sudden ) and sometimes take me ages to get this riddles .And yes i have same chaotic -paradoxal nature .There will be always mind censor and a sidel paths to go around it ;)

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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8

Forgot to mention i love what you have created .

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Re: Need a translating hand.
Post # 9
WhiteRav3n, Artemisia: Just wanted to say thanks. Might not be perfect, but what both of you said click.
Raven, the notes were actually extremely interesting... you said you kept them short. Any chance you could toss an expanded set my way, just so I can take a look? Sometimes an outside perspective is helpful when trying to open a riddle you didn't create intentionally.
Artemisia, you said 'using paradox'. Paradox is literally an impossibility caused either by having two things that can't coexist coexist, or by having two things occur which require the other to have occurred, OR to have something occur that negates itself. Sort of like freezing a fire: physically impossible, because fire is nothing more than the air molecules heating up enough to radiate heat. Or like going back in time and killing yourself. If you kill your past self, you can't be alive to go back in time to kill yourself, so you can't actually kill your past self. As such, think you could expand a little, so that I might glean an understanding of what you mean?
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Re: Need a translating hand.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

It is really very hard to explain paradox ,because it is imposible at least in human point of view ,but what is possible for us sometimes depend of our point of view if you can go above this point of view and understand what opposite things are you eventually can find way to combine them .Things are ment to be opposite so that will cause the world to develop and not to stand still forever ,but the way we interact to this opposites is either to balance them or either to swing in one extreme to another .Think of your writing as bridge to cross and swing between the exremes ,it is a path which allows your mind censor to work and in same time your subconscious to find away to go around it .Those are opposites they do not match but you can match them using certain way ,but in order to do that you need to be out of your normal status of mind .So in way you unify total opposites which is a paradox by itself .I am paradox by nature because i am Capricorn in Sun and a Cancer in Moon .Thus my logical mind is very practical ,and my emotions and subconcious are very wild .So i combine things which hardly ever match and fight eachother constantly .So people like me are revolutinary in their ideas but in same time very unstable .because they have to combine so hard to combine stuff and keep the inner balance without swinging too much around the extremes .But once you kinda get the trick what is not convinient become convinient ,because it is unique .Sorry for the lame explanation but it is hard to explain with human words impossible combinations .

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