The 13 Crystal Skulls

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The 13 Crystal Skulls
Post # 1
the 13 crystal skulls. do any of yall know what they are? well if not than yall are about to find out. long ago. before atlantis was considered old before it sunk. there was thirteen wiches and wizardes. each of them had in there possesion a skull made of pure crystal. the skulls gave them tremmendose power over there subjects. no one daired to challange ther might. but over time the ruler of atlantis had been watching them as there powers grow and there reach streached far. i thought he could use that power to destroy his enamy. so he personaly went to each wizard and witch. he offered each of them a chance to deffend atlantis. 13 were asked 13 joined. many years passed and a war broke out between atlantes and one of the naboring countries. the king new he could not win with out the help of the crystal skulls so he ordered them to fight. the war lasted only two days. the kind was amazed at how much power the skulls possed so he went to war after war after war. each war he won. the bigger atlantis grew the wikeder the ruler became. untile one day he grew tired of the wizardes and witches that possed the skulls so he decided to take them for him self.
knowing he wouldnt be able to take them bye force he tricked each wizared into giveing him the skull as soon as the let go of the skull they were killed. he did this untile he had all of thim. the power of the skull filled his body. over time his body changed into a huge demon form. once than he had a crafter make a harness that he could wear and put all thirteen skulls in.

he became stupid and waged war against every one. untile one day the power became to much for him and the skulls blew him apart destroying the city of atlantis. the sevivers found the skulls. they new what the were ment for and hid them away untile the day that the thirteen wizardes returned and a war of all ages. the time that the worled would come to a halt and change.

well eight of the shulls have been found there are five more to be found. no one knows who is to posses them this time but when all thirteen are found and geathered than the battle for all humanity will start.
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Re: The 13 Crystal Skulls
Post # 2
yes I can help you understand I was there in a past life all those aeons ago when they where still new they didn't even come from here in the first place it was a planet in Orion, the same one that a lot of the purple generation came from and also the star seeds
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Re: The 13 Crystal Skulls
Post # 3

Sorry mate, this threat is almost 8 years old, and the OP has deleted their profile.

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