Greek Mytholgy Lesson 1

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Greek Mytholgy Lesson 1
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello Everyone! This is for people who would love to learn about greek mytholgy. But for this one we will be learning about gods and what thier meanings are. All of them have difrent meanings some have the same meanings.Now lets start with The names of gods thier roles and thier Meanings.

Hera- Queen of the gods/goddesses

Zeus- King of all the gods and goddesses

Poseidon-King and ruler of the seas and oceans

Hades- King of the underworld

These Three gods Zeus,Poseidon,and Hades are all brothers.In the next one I will get to Who were thier parents and so on. But When they were growing up They knew that only one of them could only be king of all gods or thier brothers and sisters.So When they became had to choose thier Spots in the kingdom of the gods. They Both Tricked Hades to Be traped within the underworld While Zeus was on Mt.olymipus.

Aphrodite- The goddese of love and beauty

Apollo- The god of music and healing

Artemis- Goddesse That is a eternal virgin and of the hunt and protecter of wemon and child

Ares- god of war

Hephaestus- is the god of fire and makeing equipment for gods and godesses

Hermes- zeuses messanger and trickster and friend of thieves

Demeter- godesse of the harvest

Dionysus- god of wine

Thank you for reading and thier will
be a new one soon thank you!!!

PS: Look for Greek Mytholgy Lesson 2
Comeing soon.
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Re: Greek Mytholgy Lesson 1
Post # 2
Cool lesson but why is this in welcome?
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Re: Greek Mytholgy Lesson 1
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Greek Mytholgy Lesson 1
By: / Novice
Post # 4

I notice you don't mention exactly how they chose who would be king of the gods, though I assume you'll cover this in the next lesson. Really fascinating lesson.

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