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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Return my ex fianc?

Return my ex fianc?
Post # 1
Over a year ago I pushed my ex fianc? away because I was a fool. Wanting him to return back, three months past I called him wanting to see him but he told me his moved on and meet anther women. I wrote emails explain my action and apologiesing because he was my first love. When I called I spoke to his new girlfriend. She was evil told me to move on and get over it. She told me his mine and what am I going to do about. I didn't say a word... Till this day i think about him. I break down crying.... I even recall he voice. I can't believe I didn't tell her where to go. I can't believe how people can be evil. I truly loved him I admitted it was my fault because I felt stressed and didn't know how to express myself. She posted photo hugging ech other on Facebook. Going long wekend drives. The thing we've planned. I want him back more than anything in world. I want her to be cursed for all the pain she's caused me. Ive tried to move on, ive changed jobs, dyied my hair blond, went overseas and interstate. Ive tried everyting to stop thinking about him. I was going to marry this man. I want this female to suffer what I have suffered, she stole the love of my life. All I wanted was for him to prove I was worthy by coming back but she waited for him until we had an argument. Please provide me a spell to get him back and to put her life into misery forever.
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 2
There are several spell that may help.
Don't accept it to happen over night and your in for more of the same thing until it does.

I recommend if you decide to have a spell casted to continue with your life dating, hanging out with friends anything to keep him out of your mind.

First ask yourself is this what i really want?
From may experience by the time the spell does take effect there some much damage done to the relationship that it may not last once the two of you reunite. Not saying it not impossible but it will take alot of work on your part.

i would also highly recommend some type of group, relationship or marriage counseling

good luck

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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 3
Perhaps this should be in Other Spells Discussion.

Regarding to your question, if it was meant to be, he'll come back. It's not the other female's fault for falling in love with him too.
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 5
First let me start off by saying that you should move on.. The old saying If you love something set it free..If it comes back it was meant to be..but if it doesn't then it wasn't.. You set him free and he moved on so hunny as hard as it is you need to do the same..
As for casting a spell to help you win him back..I believe that is not a good idea as to use a spell on someone else without their permission is the same as invading their Freewill and it can backfire on you..Karma can bite you in the backside and cause the spell to happen in a bad way..I do not use magick for personal gain nor do I suggest anyone else do the same.. I think if you give it some time and move on you will find the true love you are looking for and you never know it could be the soul mate that was meant to be.. Good Luck Hun and I hope you find all the Love you are seeking in the Future..
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 6
breakup spell are known to backfire...
I've seen break up spells backfire where there target was not the person you seek to break up but you.
So the relationsip become more unstable and in the end it self-destructs on itself....
no good at all... as for karma I've heard different people claim it does and doesn't exist... but you never know for sure

bless and love,
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 7
In my opinion why waste energy when you can just tell what you told us. That would be very beautiful.
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
Post # 8
Spells shouldn't be cast to control a person's freedom of will. That's the one thing a person truly owns. Well that's my own opinion on that matter, but your question isn't what to do to control him, it's what can you do to get him back. I honestly don't know what to do, besides confronting him. Not with anger, not with confusion, but with hope. Hope for either getting back together, or releasing your hold on him. Being with him isn't the only way of saying that you love him.

Now about the other women. I don't know much about her or you for that matter, but from what I can tell, love isn't controlling someone, but rather caring deeply for someone. So the statement saying "He is mine." means that she doesn't really love him, but rather lust for him. But that thought is made from what you told me. Ask yourself, really it may sound stupid, but do you love or lust for him? The difference is between the two is both big and small at the same time, so don't rush through with this question.
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Re: Return my ex fianc?
By: / Beginner
Post # 9

What exactly is evil about telling you to hit the pavement and leave the man who you threw away like trash, alone?

She didn't steal anything from you. You gave it up and she saw the potential. That's what happens in life. You can't honestly expect someone to sit around waiting for you to get your act together and realize where you screwed up.

People break up, new relationships are formed, ect. It happens.

I wouldn't say you love him, I'd say you are obsessed with him. There's a big difference.

Remember this....this man doesn't want you any more. That was a reaction to the choices YOU made in life. So while you want this woman to suffer and feel pain, the man you supposedly love will feel it as well as he clearly cares for her.

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