How to summon demons?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> How to summon demons?

How to summon demons?
Post # 1
I want to know how you summon demons?
I heard you could do it through a dream, is that possible?
thank you. :)
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Re: How to summon demons?
Post # 2
I would refer you to the basics, and then ceremonial magic and then the Goetia.

The Basics-

Ceremonial Magic-


The spaces in the link need to be removed. I initially posted a link to Thunor's thread about "how to use a link" and laughed a good deal and then came back and edited my comment. That just about concludes my links for today!
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Re: How to summon demons?
Post # 3
um, why would you want to know how to do that?
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Re: How to summon demons?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Nice answer Taliesin.

As for dream work, that's a little complicated. Dream work is working with your subconscious in the drivers seat and your conscious as a backseat driver (passenger telling the driver what to do).

When I was a kid I used to lucid dream a lot. In fact, I told my mother I could change my dreams, mid-nightmare to something pleasant. I also recall sitting back and enjoying the "movie in my head" when my dream was full of adventure. When I was 7 or 8, I used to try little things before going to bed--telling myself what I was going to dream or asking a question before sleeping. Most of the time, it didn't work, and I went to my mother frustrated, telling her of my experiments and their utter failure. I figured, if I could change my dreams while sleeping, I could pre-program them before bed. =)

My mother told me that while it was true that I could ask a question and possibly receive an answer, she said one wise thing "IF you can remember the dream when you wake up". Aha! A vital part my young mind hadn't fathomed.

The moral of this story is, dream work only works if you can be aware and/or control your own actions in a dream and most importantly, if you can recall it. It takes a lot of practice to condition ourselves to remember the majority of our dreams and once we wake, we still have to write them down or the memory quickly fades. So unless you already practice dream work, you'd be better off following Taleisin's advice and doing it in a waking state.
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Re: How to summon demons?
Post # 5
You can call one by saying the name of the one you want to call. And you should have a reason as to why you want to speak to them before bothering them. "Just seeing if it really works" is NOT a reason and it will most likely make them mad, and that is not good=(
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Re: How to summon demons?
Post # 6
I highly suggest that you don't summon a demon. Things don't generally happen as planned (almost never)
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