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Full Moon ^_^

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Full Moon ^_^
Post # 1
Another full moon is coming up. I thought that it would be fun to share any plans we might have for this day. Being that this is a site for occultists, I doubt I am the only one that will be basking in the moonlight.

I am planning a seven day ritual, that will be finished on the night of the full moon. On the night of the full moon I will be sending out my prayers to the universe, bathing myself in the moonlight and reflecting on the wonderful things I do have. What will you be up to?

Love, light and blessings to all :)
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Re: Full Moon ^_^
Post # 2
Yes, I definitely wrote the full moon day in my diary , Ive got so many spells planned for that day I m still not quite sure which ones I may do.. Im definitely doing a ?success in money and work?spell as Ive been having trouble lately in that area. Another spell would be for getting rid of some bad habits for when the moon starts to wane again.

Finally, Im thinking of doing an attraction spell to bring out my positive qualities.

Well, its going to be a long full moon night for me..

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Re: Full Moon ^_^
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

Since this will be the last full moon before the winter solstice I will be doing my yearly ritual of casting out the old to make room for the new with the waning moon in preparation for the solar new year. On the full I will start with a cleansing of both the spiritual as well as the physical. As the days progress I will leave behind the things that did not work for me in the past and that my meditations during the dead time this year revealed to me that it is now time to get rid of. My meditations have also brought to light that which I need to add or try in the new year. This year the new moon hits just after the winter solstice so that as the sun begins to return it will shed more and more light onto my new endeavors for the new year. I will also preform a ritual on the next new moon to bless these new beginnings.

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Re: Full Moon ^_^
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
What night is the full moon on? If it's on a Monday through Wednesday it's not going to work but, Thursdays through Saturdays are always good. If it's on a good day for me when my family isn't around then, I will probably cleanse my house of certain energies, try a friendship attraction spell so I can hopefully find more people like me at my school, and a few other things like trying to get the spirits in my house to leave me alone during this time when I'm casting spells and doing rituals, they don't listen to me a bit and I'm a medium so that says a lot.
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Re: Full Moon ^_^
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I will be performing a healing for the trees in my area. I often walk among them to meditate and gain peace of mind. One in particular, I drew inspiration from. I have a fascination for their structure and love to draw and paint them. Well this one was gorgeous, full, with five long thick branches shooting off low from the main trunk. As soon as it turned bitter cold, the ones who manage the landscaping (the condos are owned by individuals but the property it is on is owned by a managed "community") butchered all the trees, including my inspiration. They didn't chop them down, but cut every branch besides a single one that was standing vertical. They're ugly now, and I fear some may die because of how drasticly they were "pruned". That's not pruning! Everytime I walk outside and see these butchered, naked trees, it upsets me. I no longer have my peaceful walks or inspiring tree. The trees lack their vibrant energy now. I feel a healing is the least I can do, to try and give back for what they gave me.

I'm sorry for the depressing post.
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Re: Full Moon ^_^
Post # 6
Katie, that sounds a lot like my 7-8 day ritual I am starting tomorrow am. I made it a week long due to the amount of things I am casting off, and the good I will be bringing in to replace it with. Once I have completed it and seen its success with my own eyes I will post it to share with everyone :)
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Re: Full Moon ^_^
By: / Novice
Post # 7
same old. even if i can't find the time to cast a cirlce, i say a protection chant for the month, placing it on my dragon pentagram i wear, under the full moon.
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Re: Full Moon ^_^
Post # 8
I will be attempting to stop a spirits ability to see me for a month. The moon can be very bright sometimes!
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Re: Full Moon ^_^
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9

AngieD my advice to aid in your casting off/getting rid of things would be to do your spell work during the full to waning moon not the waxing to full. You could prior to casting these things off use the waxing moon energy to gather the strength you will need to then cast the banishing part during the waning.

Remember the waxing moon, the one that is growing to full, is used to help make things come to fruition, grow, increase, etc. The waxing moon, the one that is shrinking from the full, is used to help make this go away, decrease, banish, etc.

Many blessing to everyone in all that you do.

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Re: Full Moon ^_^
Post # 10
Well I already started it. I know about the moon phases. The main point is also to draw in the energy and strength needed to get rid of them. Also to draw in positive and stronger things to replace the negative things I have cut away. If it ends up being an issue, I will just redo it. So far it seems to be helping quite a bit though.
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