a ghost, and energies

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a ghost, and energies
Post # 1
My sister when she was going through a very hard time, as a young girl, she started to see the man who built the house we lived in. I had no trouble with spirits, but I do see and experience them, time to time. Well, my sister was in the mists of talking to the ghost of the man that built the house, in person, face to face. For some reason, the man wanted to start interacting with my sister. My sister's nature at the time was very rebellious and emotionally distraught. The man who built the house was an alcoholic, and it seems as if his spirit wasn't put to rest because he died in his addiction, but he did not die in the house. I just wanted to throw this out there for some discussion.
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Re: a ghost, and energies
By: / Novice
Post # 2
so this happened in the past? i mean, it's not happening right now and you don't need help? sometimes when people died by an accident, or did not wish to die, they remain as spirits, some get attached to people, but he sounds like a ghost, who gets attached to an object. in this instance, the house. if you want him gone, a simple banishing or purification should work, but since he's powerful enough to full appear, you might want something stronger.

I've got a spirit attached to me i call Rori. he's a jerk lol. i'm not kidding, when we met i was 13, as a kid he was awesome, but i'm 22 now, and he's still the same old Rori, he wants me all to himself, and he plays pranks, and throws fits if he doesn't get his way. the most annoying thing is, he refuses to tell the truth about himself. unless you ask him questions he likes, he won't answer. last night, my friend was bored so she asked [since the coven was over] if we could talk with Rori who has just started enjoying Ouija boards. he only wanted to talk about one topic [not sure if i'll be aloud to say it, but you can probably guess] and when i said no, he began sending the planchette in fast circles on and off the board, off the table, into objects and so on.
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Re: a ghost, and energies
Post # 3
Oh, that is interesting. Yes this spirit is very strong, and I think he likes to make it presence back to the house, in some sort of way. I suppose I could communicate with this ghost, that built the house, through a spirit board, but that might create an attachment I might not want. This was in the past. I think he likes the place to himself, but then again I think this ghost likes people around to a point where he gets energy from them, so he has some reason for being. I don't live in that home anymore, but every time I visit the house I could feel that there is something or someone else there. Especially when I am alone. Not to mention, my sisters room gets abnormally cold, and this could be partly that someone tried committing suicide in there once. I am a Pagan, and I understand these sort of things to a certain point. I don't think some spirits like me around because I know how to get rid of them, if the time were to ever come that they would need to go. I like all ghosts because they tell a story, and I respect all things. :) Ask your friend about me, this may deepen your understanding why some spirits don't "trust" me. The reason why I think my sister was able to make full contact, in appearance, with him was because of the possible energies my sister was omitting, at the time. I have cleansed the home before, but there are so much people that go through there that it's bound to carry all kinds of energies. Well, it is part of what Pagans do is cleanse their homes, and alter. Interesting discussion; glad to hear. :)
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