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Post # 1
It is a common practise to use floor washes infused with herbs and oils to create magic potions that help manifest a desire.
I was told that if you want to attract something into your life, you pick a waxing moon. And while mopping, you mop from the main entrance towards the inside. If you want to release something or cleanse the energy in a given place, pick a waning moon and mop from the inside to your main entrance.

There are several recipes out there. The one I?ve recently used includes a small bucket of water, a little salt and a few drops of clove oil. I mopped from the entrance towards the inside. Meant for luck, it did seem to have some effect.

Do share your experiences
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Re: Floored!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This is an excellent post! Witches in the old days used such common things that were overlooked as normal day to day chores and activities to practise magick. Washing their floors, sweeping , cooking, gardening and bathing. All these things had meaning and it demonstrates what it truly means to live a magical life. I do this all the time. Very few things I do in my day to day life does not have some sort of underlying meaning to me. Even when washing dishes I am cleansing energy from my dishes! The use of added ingredients can be used but they aren't necessary unless you really have a special goal, like banishing spiritual vermin from your home, healing, or attracting something.
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Re: Floored!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
it's called 'green witch' if you infuse common household things with magic. i've heard of some, and have dabbled. i can't rememebr atm if i posted the banish evil spirits spell where you sweep and mop, but yes, i have heard of the practice. it's a really cool belief, and rather practicle. basically like raven said, day to day chores. for example, make a milk bath with some herbs for protection, there, a protection potion. a tea with chamomile, healing potion. personally, i like it, it reminds me that you don't need top of the line ingredience, or someone elses spell, just yourself, your content, and your knowledge.
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Re: Floored!
Post # 4
It's true, practising magic should not cost you the earth and sky. Why? The answer is as simple as it can get. The magic lies in you. Every other thing is merely a tool :)
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