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advice for newbie's
By: / Novice
Post # 1
So alot of the posts on here are people asking for help. So I thought i would post a general advice post.

-Magick will not change your psychical appearance. It will not defy the laws of physics.

-Magic vs. Magick

magic-stage magic
magick-real magic

some people do not use magic with a K .
Magic(k) was created by Aleister Crowley to show the diffrence.

-What are the basics, and why do people keep telling me to learn them?
The basics are the basics of magick . Like learning to walk before you run.
Genral Basics are:
-basic energy flow
-grounding &centering

-When can I do spells?
Well most people will say when you complete a year and a day study. I think it is when you complete the 5 things above. There is more to basics then what is above that is just what i think the most basic things someone can learn before they do spells. After that they can do simple magic. Which I consider to be luck spells, protection spells, candle magick , divination. Of course spells are not easy or hard. But those spells, and magick does not have as severe consequences as others.
Just remember do not just go around casting spells on people .

Complete list of basics :
(copy and paste + remove any spaces)

-Good Book for Begginears:

(copy and paste+ remove any spaces)

the book refrences the movie the craft but it shows how things in real magick are real, now you do not need to watch the craft (even though it is a great movie) to understand the book and to comprehend the information

- when asking for help
please do not use text speak, people find it harder to understand , and its silly

-check out newbie central which is located on the homepage
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