Something Mystical

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Something Mystical
Post # 1
It is starting to concern me, that every thing in some peoples lives must have a mystical answer. I know this is an occult site, but where did known fact, chemistry and science go? If your eyes change, it must mean your special? If you get a headache, you must be being attacked psychically? If you are acting odd or feel off, it must be a possession? I am not saying this goes for everyone. I am not saying these are impossible. All I am stating is why must ever single thing be something huge to some people?

After replying to a post about the change of color in someones eyes, I got five mails saying it happened to this and that person, because they are better then everyone. It had nothing to do with the original poster. It just seems like a load of bull to me.
Mine change often due to chemical reactions, extreme mood changing the level of dilation, the changes in the light in the room, the different colors around me or what I am wearing. I get headaches due to environmental factors and a head trauma. I act odd or feel odd when my emotions or surroundings change. How do I know it is nothing special or big causing these? Because I protect, and cleanse myself. I also ask myself for answers.

Often people want answers for things that they know the answer to but do not want to believe. Or they are not in tune with themselves enough to hear it. I have done both many times. All I ask is that the ones out there that think something mystic is the answer to everything, look inside yourself truly, before making such statements. It gets annoying having to hear so many tell people that are typing, that they are not possessed by the devil etc.
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Re: Something Mystical
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Good post, if created out of annoyance.
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Re: Something Mystical
Post # 3
It was inspired by annoyance to start with XD
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