Heart cage

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Heart cage
Post # 1
To cage a lover's heart

To cage a love one's heart
Dark old magick you must arise
under the light or the waxing moon
take thy pegion on right hand doom
in your left you must possess
a needle you have bless
tied with your own hair
clense by your blood you spilled
warmed by candle black as deed
on thy lips you must then spill
your dark wish to the cold night's air
make it fast and on and on
till you feel that it is done
with thy force
you must drive
the needle home
to the pegions heart
as it beats its last loud thud
call his/her name to bind it last
after all this things are done
your wish can't be undone
you will then weild
his/her heart in thy hand
make a poppet if you wish
make him beg if you please
but be it known to you old fool
this magick is far to cruel
and you will reap what you have sow
with in three moons you will know
this poison inside you will grow
it will teach you hate
and then remourse
for the love you gained
you soon will lose
in tide or air
or earth or fire
death will follow him/her
to snatch him/her by

-I got this from a very old manuscript dated 1917 from new orleans
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Re: Heart cage
Post # 2
you have a copy of the reildontitia incantus, written by an unknown witch in new orleans early 1900? impossible. only few copies of that survived and it was last copied by Pierto Dela Mercedi in 1926.

this one is one of the chant written there.

Diaboli, The devil. do I know you from somewhere.
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Re: Heart cage
Post # 3
Yes I have a copy, I inherit it from my grand mother and no I don't know you, sorry...
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Re: Heart cage
By: / Novice
Post # 4
These seem to be very interesting spells, and I do encourage you to continue posting them, however this questionnaire going on between you two through three separate threads is off topic and getting personal. Please, take it to mail? Once again, keep posting these spells. I enjoy reading of them.
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Re: Heart cage
Post # 5
I enjoyed this as well. It reminds me of something I once read. If you would be so kind as to post more, I would gladly appreciate it Diaboli :)
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