A bit about shielding

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A bit about shielding
Post # 1
-Shielding can be a very important part of a witches
lifestyle. It can help one protect them s.elf from
negative energy, and outside forces which are intent
on causing harm. In this post I will be talking about
some shielding methods, techniques, and even some extra
information about programming energy.

-Now the first technique I will be discussing requires
the use of a psi-ball. For those of who who are not
familiar with how to make one I will give a quick run
through of how. Hold your hands about three inches
apart, palms facing each other. Now visualize and feel
the energy running down your arms into your hands and
forming a ball in between them. There are more in depth
techniques and information on how to make psi-balls in
the forums, for now I must get back to the subject at

-Using the psi-ball, I was you to visualize, and feel
if you can, it expanding around your body like a
bubble. Once you are sure it is around you, I want you
to visualize the energy becoming hard (You can visualize
it becoming steel or something if that helps) and fill
it with the intent to keep negative energies out. Now
you may need to 'feed' your shield energy from time to
time to keep it up, or you may recast it.

-There are many different ways to cast a shield. Some
through visualization, intent, spells, herbs, stones,
and many more various techniques. Just remember, in just
about every technique, the goal is to keep something out.

-You can keep more than just negative energies out. For
example, you can block out emotions, which is very useful
for empaths. In the case of blocking out emotions one
would fill the shield with the intent of blocking them
out instead of negative energies. In any case, what ever
you are shielding for, remember to fill it with the intent
to block it out.

-Now on to a bit more 'advanced' techniques. As we all
know shields can block things out, but they are not
limited to this. You can program a shield to send
attacks back, and much more. There are various methods
to be able to do this, but I will in fact only talk about

-I want you to make another psi-ball. This time expand
it around your already existing shield, and fill it
with the intent to send negative energy back at the
thing that sent it at you. The method behind this is
that your shield will stop the negative energy, and
bubble around it will then take that energy and send
it back.

-Remember, energy is very programmable when it comes to
such things as shield and dealing with other energy.
Though be sure that you don't over program your energy.
As within a house, too many things draining off of the
electricity will cause a power outage. The same rule
applies to energy, so make sure you have a reliable
amount for what you are programming it for.

-The next part of the thread is for you. I would ask if
you would kindly post some of your shielding methods so
that other people may learn from them, get ideas of
there own and find what works for them. I look forward to
your replies.
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Re: A bit about shielding
Post # 2
wow nice i will have to try this :D makes me motivated to practice my basics again
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Re: A bit about shielding
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The "basics" rarely end up being all that basic.

Meditation, energy exercises, and so forth can be explored in great depth with further understanding and creativity.

Various shielding techniques are wonderful demonstrations of this. Basic shielding methods, to be frank, simply will not work if another practitioner who has any deeper experience with them is seeking to get past them.

Much of it boils down to a matter of willpower, which comes with practice, reinforcement, and confidence (which is where belief in what you are doing comes into play).
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Re: A bit about shielding
Post # 4
Indeed AwakeTooLong. I like to think of the basics as building blocks for the foundation, the more building blocks you have the bigger foundation and in turn the more you have to build on.
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Re: A bit about shielding
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
that is all true as for me you can try an amythyst stone it wil;l cleans your aura put spiritaul love in you and then act as a shield for energies that do not fit with you .
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Re: A bit about shielding
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
An amethyst can help with such things, but I wouldn't rely on it to do all of that without cleansing, charging, etc.
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Re: A bit about shielding
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
yes it is true you must cleans the stone but one must do that with all their newly acuried tools .
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Re: A bit about shielding
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Shielding can get really complicated. The basic shield against attacks is good enough for beginners but shielding ends up relying a lot on intent and personal meanings as well. I have shields with different intents and then I just have general shields.

I've used stones to help keep my shields up and feed them energy but they can't really make shields for you. Sure you can charge them with energy but they aren't going to make you a shield just by you holding the stone.
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