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Tools for Rituals
Post # 1
It is a requirement that when you are planning to do a ritual work you should have the proper tools. Tools helps/aid the magician on their work. Some practitioners that they don't even need tools to do any form of magic. That wasn't right. Tools are merely an objects to where you can focus and set your mind on the ritual workings. With it we can easily become aware on what we do specially on our subconscious mind. Because our inner strength has something to hold onto that is real, so that our minds can attach meanings to what is happening.
"Bellow are the list of possible tools that are useful for ritual and spell workings"

Robe is a symbol of magic, it serves as a shield to its wearer. It also serves as a defense against hostile forces and energies that might interrupt the ritual. The robe helps the magician to gain courage and to build Strength.
One should make their own robe, for the more work you put into your tools, the more energy it will contain. Because if you use a robe that is made by another individual you might get distracted by the energies and thoughts attached into it by its maker.
NOTE: Robes are for Adept only!

"List of colors of robes and some of their attributes"

Black: Absorption, impurity
Purple: Royalty, higher mind, higher vibrations
Red: Fire, force, and explosion
Green: Earth, plants, life, energy, and love
Blue: Water, calmness, serenity
Brown: Monks, earth, grounding
White:Purity, goodness, reflects energy


A circle is a symbol of divinity and an unbroken chain of power. Because we all know that circle has no edges so the energy will be contain inside it. It is an area consecrated to the work, a sacred ground to those who use it. It is a cone of power.


The alter is the representation of the known universe. It is the lace where we set out tools upon, focusing our energies, and shaping our world.


It is burned to please the elemental beings. Also used for banishing negativities. And is used to invoke spirits.


It is a tool of air and is used to conjure a circle. It can be used to make a circle by piercing onto the ground. It is a powerful tool used for banishing and piercing through unseen barriers.


It is a disc with a five pointed star on it often wore by Elemental magicians. It is a representation of earth and its qualities. It serves as a shield and our grounding force.


It could be either made out of metal or wood. A tool for casting a spell and conjuring a circle. In the wand we focus our energies and directs it to where ever we desire.

"Crystal Ball"

> used in scribing
> Crystal gazing
> A tool to communicate with the dead
> A key to the spiritual world


Staff is another tool that the magician uses, staff is commonly made out of wood and is 5-7 inches tall. It is used just like the wand and athame in conjuring a circle but instead of piercing the ground or writing the spell into the air, staff users draw to the ground. Staff is a much powerful tool and it is used by the adept mages and sorcerers in ancient time and until now..

There are allot more tools that I did not write above like Salt, Holly water, candles, dolls, and may more. But basically these are the minor tools/materials. What I've put above are tools that I consider as the major tools. Logically the tittle of this thread is so in general, it can have allot of extension topics. So correct me If I had write some wrong information about each tool. Or you can add some of your knowledge in accordance to the topic to further clarify it..

Blessed be!

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Re: Tools for Rituals
Post # 2
"Some practitioners that they don't even need tools to do any form of magic. That wasn't right."

I believe ritual can be very efficiently done without physical ritual tools. That is without the gestures, circle, instruments or vocalizations. I practiced ritual magic in a completely visualized setting, visualized temple, vocalizations, etc. I found my method worked better for me than physical ritual.
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Re: Tools for Rituals
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I agree with taelisin, my first spells were cast without any tools whatsoever, although I know spells and rituals are different, I'm just giving an example.
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Re: Tools for Rituals
Post # 4
using tools in rituals an spell casting differs in every individual, I am aware of rituals and spells that does not require any tools... It depends on what system of magic you follow..
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Re: Tools for Rituals
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
The first sentence of the original post says it all, "It is a requirement".
Whatever sort of "ritual" that is I have no idea, but it is certainly not witchcraft.Especially the bit about the "robe".
My rituals are performed naked!
As for tools, they are exactly that, tools! They can help with mood, just as incense can. But they are absolutely not necessary.
And anyone who spends a lot of money on such things is being tricked!
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Re: Tools for Rituals
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Magic Items from Misc Topics.
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Re: Tools for Rituals
Post # 7
Yep. Most of my modern workings are useing NAP. Nothing but a chair and a piece of paper.
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Re: Tools for Rituals
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I actually agree with Enigma on this. Certain form of magick are impossible to be done without tools for humans are very limited creatures.

Can You write in Your notebook with Your mind ? Can You dig a 10 feet deep hole with Your hands only in a day ? Can You open surgically someone's thorax up in T pattern with no sharp item, such as scalpel ? Can You cook water without a vessel and heat source ?
All that is analogous to magick. Ceremonial, apotropaic, devotional magick are just some of the examples that can hardly ever ( if even possible ) be done without the help of at least the simple tools possible as hands and word.

Tools manipulate certain elemental energy and focus it in certain energy spreading/radiation pattern, further more they repel or attract certain energies, planetary and other influences and spirit. According to science of Antroposofie, Occult theory and Rosicrucian teachings, also consult books by Aaron Leithc or Jason Miller etc.

Tolls are redundant and can only help focus, is a new age claptrap, as most of new age practices anyhow are, useless and misguiding.
Of course certain form of spiritual work require no tools , but as such are CLEARLY defined and very limited category.

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