Telling(Please Help!!)

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Telling(Please Help!!)
Post # 1
Ok.I need help.I'm not sure if I should tell my mom that im a pagan.What should and how should I tell her?I'm really nervous and need help!
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Re: Telling(Please Help!!)
Post # 2
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Re: Telling(Please Help!!)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
That's a personal decision that no one can make for you.

You need to weigh and measure the value of being open about it versus the reaction that those you care about, and who care about you, may have to finding out.

Religious pride is as silly as religious discrimination. You needn't tell people to just be who you want to be.
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Re: Telling(Please Help!!)
Post # 4
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Re: Telling(Please Help!!)
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
First of all you need to consider her beliefs. If she is very Catholic, or some other Christian denomination who believes that everyone else should be, I wouldn't. Also, break it to her slowly. Don't just say, I'm a witch. Start having minor conversations like, what if God was a woman? Ask her a question like that everyday and see how she reacts but don't ask too many at one time because she will get suspicious. If she takes that really well, start talking about different topics that have to do with Paganism, I don't know that much about it but just simple stuff, still spacing out a new question everyday. You could ask her what she thinks about hell, if the devil exists, and so on. You could also try and meditate somewhere where your mom can see you, like out the window in your front yard. She'll be able to see you and she might get used to it. Try asking her about nature, like do you believe nature has a balance? Who knows, you might cover the whole topic of paganism while your talking. When you get to the more difficult questions like spells, rituals, and stuff if she takes it well then, tell her. If she asks what this is about tell her your curious and want her opinion. Trust me, it's not good to drop the whole "I'm a witch" thing right out of the blue since there are so many misconceptions about Paganism and witchcraft in general.
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Re: Telling(Please Help!!)
Post # 6
If you want to tell her, I would sit her down and tell her you have been studying herbs etc. online. Find ways to explain the positive things you have been learning since you got into paganism. Do not do the usual "mom, I am a witch" because that rarely turns out well. Break her in slowly. Share the small and good things your learning first. When I explained it to my Auntie K (she was more like a mum) I did not know what to do because she was Catholic and very against this sort of thing. I spoke to her of invoking the Angels for their guidance and protection. I told her how I burn sage in my home to cleans the place of negative energies (evil). Find ways that make it more acceptable for your mom. I hope this helps, and the best of luck to you grg :)
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