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Post # 1

Clay is an earthly elemented material. it is used to make many things, and is baked ones, sometimes twice, to turn into a solid.

Peices can be placed in corners of rooms to absorb negative energy. clay absorbs moisture, so it has come to the conclusion that the clay in the corner of the room can absorb negative energy.

you can make things to store your magick items. i personally have about 15 herb boxes, with a divider in the middle to hold 2 herbs made out of clay. i find that it keeps out negative energy, that it keeps the herbs safe. others make things to hold liqueds, wands, gemstones, symbols, etc.

many people make charms with clay. necklace charms, bracelet charms, good luck charms, protection charms, etc. they focus their energy into them, during and after creation. they also make runes with them, as many members have said.

"I would change them before glazing to seal in the energy" says katie (kts), "I add energy to clay objects through every step as I make them, form formation to firing to glazing, it is the same with any hand made object, as you work with it you are weaving energy into the object."

you also put your own intent and make it more focused to your needs.

i like to place possitive energy and keep it close as to asist me to keep possitive. others like to use it in aiding in spell work. so my question is what do you do with it?

sources used: personal, kts, and other members

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Re: Clay
By: / Adept
Post # 2
A student of mine used to knead in powdered rose petals, other powdered herbs, and essential oils and make clay beads out of the mixture. She then used them to craft prayer bead bracelets, rosaries, and malas. They were lovely!

She also did the same thing using Sculpey, although that is not really clay per se.
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Re: Clay
Post # 3
I use clay to make representations of servitors and i also made a set of runes. I also use additives, as ldygry mentioned. A lot of times i add the ashes of ritual fires, ashes of burnt sigils, wood shavings, herbs, metals, etc.
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Re: Clay
Post # 4

oh wow i never wouldve thought of those uses

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