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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Werewolves

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I was looking online just for fun about information on werewolves and I happened to come across many seemingly possible historical cases of sightings in north America within the last century. The one that particularly caught my attention was known as the bray road beast. I also have a good friend that has, until recently, studied "black magic" and a certain summoning spell had gone wrong. according to him, my sister, and her fiancee, they were in the woods when they say a very big,tall, muscular creature ,that looked like a werewolf, moving through the trees. They also messed around with the necronomicon(don't know if that's relevant, haven't researched much about it). As much as I'd love to believe in such a thing my scientific mind has a tendency to want and need facts before making up it's mind. Therefore I'm asking whoever has the knowledge of such a thing if it is possible that a werewolf might exist. I'm looking for an answer that has both an open mind and a healthy amount of skepticism.
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Re: Werewolves
Post # 2
hypothetically, if a woman had intercourse with a male wolf, got pregnant and had a live baby, then the baby could be considered a werewolf. i am positive you see a major flaw in this if you know about breeding two species together and that is the two species have to be closely related by genes. a more believable scenario would be that military scientists tried to create a perfect soldier in their sense, and they tried combining the best genes of both species while the person was still a fetus.
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Re: Werewolves
Post # 3
oh and the necronomic is a work of fiction fabricated by H.P. Love if i remember correctly, although it depends because necronomicon means book of the dead, and i think the egyptians produced one detailing how to put a person to rest correctly for the afterlife, and there was not any spells. hope this helped,
blessed be
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Re: Werewolves
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
didn't really help with the werewolf thing, helped with the necronomicon, thanks for the input nonetheless.
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