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Post # 1
how can i posses a powerful magic power.dat i can use 2 heal,transport,conjure,singing,dancing,vision,dispear.anybody will help should email me
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Re: posses
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Not all your desires are possible, but for the most part just practice.
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Re: posses
Post # 3
It would be easier to understand you should you not use shorthand and text-speak.
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Re: posses
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: posses
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I received a message requesting more information so I'm posting it here.

Healing: I would recommend reiki for which you will have to find a reiki master that is willing to teach you. There are other arts aside from reiki, but I personally have seen most success from reiki.

Transport: This is generally considered impossible amongst the experienced members of the magick society, but assuming just for a moment it were possible the amount of energy required would make it entirely pointless. Chances are you would die in the attempt to draw enough energy to transport yourself magickally unless you take it from someplace else which I doubt many people if anyone is capable of to the required extent. Thus my advice is simply this: Learn to drive, make enough money to afford alternative transportation when necessary, and/or get in shape enough to walk or bicycle to where you need to be.

Conjure: Assuming you mean conjuring creatures, impossible. Conjuring spirits, astral entities (dragons, faeries, etc), angels, and/or demons will require dedicated practice. It is important to remember that you do NOT and NEVER WILL control the entities you want to summon. You are not their master and you never will be. When you summon you do so respectfully and when an entity answers it is by their own choice regardless of what deluded sense of power you may desire. Failure to remember this could end tragically for you.

Singing and Dancing: These are not magickal acts and therefore do not require magick. Practice singing, practice dancing, and if you just can't grasp it go take classes.

Visions: I'm assuming you mean visions of the future. Divination is an art that anyone can learn, but having visions is usually something people are gifted with it. Most of the time you're either born with it or you'll just have to make do without it. If you think you might be able to have visions you should ask your spirit guides to help you receive and understand them. Otherwise find divination teachers on this site to help you learn the various methods of divining the future. Remember to keep in mind that the future is never set it stone, by knowing the future you can change and may have already changed it.

I'm assuming "dispear" is a typo of "disappear" in which case this is also not a magick act. Through some practice with shadow energy you can learn to manipulate the shadows around you to better cloak yourself, but you are not invisible and you never will be unless technology advances far enough to allow for it. There are also certain martial arts, such as ninjutsu, that focuses on stealth and escape methods which you could practice.

Regardless of all details and regardless of whether or not anyone sees the previous information as accurate, I'm sure we will all agree that the bottom line is practice. You don't just jump from rookie sportsman to superstar football athlete and you won't jump from beginner practitioner to Gandalf the Gray here. Dedicate yourself to the art, practice it, experiment with it, and practice it allot more.
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Re: posses
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
learn proper grammer and use spellcheck to avoid text and other spelling issues and then the more experienced members might try to assist you.
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