Need help :)

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Need help :)
Post # 1
Hi fellow psions ive been practicing tk for a year now powers are up the 3rd stage
But i see this groudon marking on the top of my hand for at least 2 years now even before started
I see it causing harm and natural diasters i see my lineage telling me through visions
That some crap that legendary knight used it to protect the aether i think theres something with
This mark but i cant see it somethings blocking it like a cloud of dark blue when in the astral part of my
Hand my core of magicks not really but yeah this mark changes colour

2010 blue red black green
2011 Blue red black green purple yellow gold white

This mark makes me see myself as a lizard guy with a blue jacket red spearhead on the sleeve
Black armour and trackpants and wield a katana with black hilt i hear this voice saying genesis when i see him

No im not crazy im a psion in training
We all have our strange experiences as psions so dont call me crazy

Anything related to crazy dont say it
I want help what does this mean ????? Plz help me this
Could lead to find out who my true self is because i know theres 2 mes okay plz help pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Im new but a psion for a year so yeah plz be nice to me
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Re: Need help :)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The way you envision yourself is merely a manifestation of, well, just that... how you envision yourself, or how you wish to be.

Often within the first years of magical study we see grandiose things in magical practice. Everything is an epic struggle. Everything is on the verge of disaster.

As we grow, we realize that the world is always in struggle. This is the nature of balance. Give and take. Pull and push. Yin and Yang. The struggle is not disaster, but balance. Much as any true disaster often is.
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Re: Need help :)
Post # 3
Thankyou for your help
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