Just a begginer :)

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Forums -> General Info -> Just a begginer :)

Just a begginer :)
Post # 1
I am just starting out with magick and as yet haven't cast a spell but have been preparing for doing so.

I have a couple of questions before i start out if anyone can help me please.
I have decided on the first spell i would like to's to get a very negative person out of my life, IF i find it doesn't work (though i have a strong feeling it will) is it ok to cast the same spell, or similar, for the same results, and if so how long after the first attempt?
Another question is i hear that spells can come back to the caster 3 fold, is that only if you are doing a nasty spell like wanting someone injured ect?
These are just 2 questions i don't seem to be able to find an answer for.

Thank you :)
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Re: Just a begginer :)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
First off, the 3 fold law is just a belief, not everyone believes in it. The easiest way to understand such "laws" is a far more accepted version called "cause and effect". For every action, there is a reaction. Simple as that. You must think through all possible reactions before acting, to make sure you're not going to do something that will "backfire" on you.

Now as for repeating spells. Usually spells are done under a particular moon, in your case of severing a negative person from your life, I would choose a new moon. You can repeat this every new moon until you see your results. Many witches don't believe in recasting any sooner than an entire lunar month. Unless of course, your intentions is to perform a spell for a particular sequence of days. These spells generally use the same candle which burns down entirely on the last day.

All of this is just tradition, and tradition means nothing if it means nothing to you. Follow your heart and what your intuition (and common sense) tells you is right.
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Re: Just a begginer :)
Post # 3
Thanks WhiteRav3n for the reply.

I guess that makes sense about the 3 fold and is why i couldn't find any consistancy when i was looking for answers. Also your reply about the moon makes total sense to.
For some reason my intuition is telling me very strongly that rather than doing this spell on a new moon to do it on a full moon and i have no idea why, althought i do know in the past i have had very strong intuitions that have been TOTALLY right so i really feel i must go with this.

Thanks again for the reply :)

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Re: Just a begginer :)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You're welcome =)

Its very good to follow your intuition. The full moon can be used to draw extra energy into a spell's workings. So if you feel you need assistance in raising energy, that is probably why your intuition is pulling you toward the full moon. Raising energy is very important and since this will be your first spell, a little help from the moon can be beneficial.

It could also be that the full moon is almost showing herself and this is a potentially good time for the spell to begin working into your life.

I personally work with the moon's phases when I can. But I never let it hold me back if I need to do it right then and there. If someone is ill, I can't hold off a healing ritual for weeks just because the moon isn't in the best phase.

Good luck! And my blessings to you and yours.
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