Made mistake do i recast?

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Forums -> General Info -> Made mistake do i recast?

Made mistake do i recast?
Post # 1
Hi everyone :) never posted before, mainly just lurked around. I was curious because I cast a spell last night but made a mistake and was wondering if that means I need to recast the spell. I somehow looked over and missed the first few lines that needed to be spoken...which were lines specifying the names of myself and another person involved...however I did have this info written down...and the flames on the candles were reacting to the words like crazy it seemed. I am just wondering if I should redo it just in case...since I'd have to go out and buy all the supplies again. Thanks to any of you who can help :)
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Re: Made mistake do i recast?
Post # 2
yes you should recast and on another note any spell, hex, ect, you should put in a book of shadows or gimor(spell book) you should use a binder... i know it dosent look pretty but you can take spells with you.

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Re: Made mistake do i recast?
Post # 3
Intent is everything, so maybe not. But many mystics repeat spells for sureness regardless, :D
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Re: Made mistake do i recast?
Post # 4

If you feel redoing something is needed, than do it. Just be sure to ground the energy you used before and then raise the energy you want.

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Re: Made mistake do i recast?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
There is an old tradition / belief that you should never ask for the same thing twice under the same moon phase unless it was your intentions to perform a multiple day spell.

No one likes to be nagged, and I think this belief is a good rule to have to show reverence and respect to the gods/spirits that have aided you. Unless you used 100% your personal energy and nothing else, not one other "power" of nature, you've been assisted in your magick. You should have faith in your workings and trust in those who aided your spellwork to accomplish the goal.

The only thing necessary in magick is your mind. Words are just tools for your mind. As long as you knew what you wanted and were focused on it during your ritual, you could do a jig, spinning around, waving a ribbon in the air, and still see results.

Since I was a teenager, when I need a focus and have nothing around me, I grab a pencil, pen, stick, whatever, and begin drawing a 3in circle, and without stopping, I slowly spiral, working my instrument into the middle, while chanting in my mind or whispering while focusing on my desire. Usually the chant is a one word mantra, or one single phrase. As I get closer to the center, I begin spiralling faster and faster. When I'm done, I stop dead center and the energy is released. This is my own on the go twist to what most call a "cone of power". This has been just as effective for me as a full ritual.

I'm explaining this to show how simple magick can be. The fancy words, candles, and ingredients are all for your benefit, to set the mood and help put you into a magick orientated mindframe. So a few missed words isn't a big deal. In fact, I find it a great sign that you missed them. It means you were more focused on your willpower than the "special" words. Bravo! Some people can never get passed the formality of ritual. You should continue to depend on it less and less.

There is nothing wrong with ritual. But I feel its important to understand that the magick comes from you, not your physical actions, objects, or words.
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