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whats wrong
Post # 1
I've been casting spells for years and I have a problem I cannot seem to fix. When doing spells to reunite loved ones they work fairly quick for everyone I do them for...except me! Why is it I can bring back everyone's husband except my own? Is it because I'm too close to the situation? I just don't understand. He's not with anyone else, still loves me so I'm not breaking any rules...what do you think may be the problem? All my other spells work for money etc...just this particular one. Any suggestions?
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Re: whats wrong
Post # 2
maybe on some level your brain is telling you no, you do not want your ex husband back. i mean you said for all others it works right so its probably just a psychological issue.
just a thought.
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Re: whats wrong
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I agree with Micah. Even the slightest fear could cause you to subconsciously desire for it not to work.

My suggestion is that you work it out in your own mind. Write in a stream of consciousness style, where you just write exactly how you think when you think it, concerning this relationship. Write freely anything that comes to mind not worrying about punctuation or sentence structure. Do this for as long as possible in one sitting. Don't rush and make sure you have ample time to do it. Then afterwards map out key points and decipher where these worries lie. Then work them out in your mind before attempting to do anything about it magickally.

For any spell to work well, you must have 100% desire for it to work. If your subconscious is working against you, you won't have that 100%
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Re: whats wrong
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i think it's the universe telling you to move on, there's probably someone or something you're suppose to find or do, and while you're focusing on him you cannot see it. meditate the answer should come to you.
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Re: whats wrong
Post # 5
Agreed with first 2 responses. Belief is very important in spells as I'm sure you know. And sub-conscious beliefs are stronger then your concious ones. Instead of asking for him back. Try working a reveal spell. Good luck. I see you want happiness and you deserve it.
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Re: whats wrong
Post # 6
thanks everyone for your advice, that must be it, there is no other explanation I can think of.
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