Already have Powers????

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Already have Powers????

Already have Powers????
Post # 1
Before I started to learn about magick and wicca and such, before I even knew it was real and just not in books and movies, I would have dreams. Dreams about the future but I didn't know till they started to happen. They felt like daja vu. And also even now, almost every time I am mad, or sad, or upset, the wind starts to blow, fast if I'm angry and soft when I was sad. My question is could I have natural powers that I never knew about till now or is it just my imagination?
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Re: Already have Powers????
Post # 2
The visions were my call to magic if you will, they are just to show you things and teach you things. I have no clue what the lesson is, but you will fond that out!
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Re: Already have Powers????
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
If magick and sensing the spiritual was only learned, how would it have begun? If it were only learned why is it that it can be found all over the world in even the most isolated indigenous tribes? The answer is, there are many people who are born with the ability and it is innate to them. But this doesn't mean they shouldn't discover how to control it and make it better. So be thankful that you were born with a gift, and work now to learn how to use it wisely.

And as for the wind, it could be just the way you perceive the wind at those times. They don't say the wind speaks to us for nothing. It seems to me that air is an element you relate to well, since you are obviously very aware of it and its messages. Not everyone is aware of their own emotions, much less the wind in comparison to their emotions.
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