Looking for seriousness

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Looking for seriousness
Post # 1
I move around a lot, so finding people where I live is useless since by the time a establish a connection I have to leave. I am very skeptical of online covens and site as this, but I figure it is 2001 and everything is on the WWW. now a days. I had hope of finding people who are actually practicing, teaching, advising. I am let down by the live chat as most people are bickering, asking for spells that can be replaced by basic first aid, and taking about things like it is out of a movie. Coven leaders are talking about drinking, parties and are flirting. I have witnessed many members who are serious about this stuff but find it difficult to make contact with someone when a serious question arises.

Here is a Thread to find what is not Brown Swan. I am looking for a Coven with similar ideals. From my above ranting I'm sure someone can interpret what I am looking for and my level of dedication to this.

At the least lead a novice to good literature and maybe even other resources.
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Re: Looking for seriousness
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I totally understand where you're coming from. I don't ever plan to join a coven in life, be it virtual or in person. Coven's are about hierarchy and I've never been a follower, so it's just not for me. The only people who can tell me what to do are my employers and law enforcement!

As for the live chat, I've only popped in once. My phone doesn't support it and 99% of the time, I'm on my phone here. From everything I've read about chat (in posts here) it seems like I'm not missing much lol.

My recommendation is to read the forums and find people you feel correspond with your way of thinking that know what they're talking about and contact them. If they're in a coven, then you have your heading!

As for what people do in chat, the leaders partying and such, all I have to say about that is, people have a regular life and what they choose to do in their life has nothing to do with their knowledge of magick. I'm a married mom and my days of partying are long gone, but I'm not going to criticize anyone who enjoys that sort of thing.
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