magic circle

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magic circle
Post # 1
what does it mean? is this circle with stars and magical symbols? What is the meaning?
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Re: magic circle
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
A magic circle can be as simple as a sphere of energy created in your mind that surrounds you and the space you are working in. It is used as a boundary to keep inside the energy you want, and keep out the energy you don't want. Some people draw one on the floor or set up stones or candles so that they can see it (visual aid). Some people draw symbols or words around it, believing this adds to its strength by using the energy these symbols or words bring forth.

Not everyone uses circles. It is viewed as an option, and is sometimes seen as important only in very serious rituals, but again, it depends on the individual and their own ways. Some use them, some use them occasionally, and others don't use them at all.

Most people who use them, spiritually clean the area they are planning to do the spell or ritual in. This is known as cleansing or "creating sacred space".

I'm trying to explain it as simply as possible because I know english is not your first language.
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Re: magic circle
Post # 3
thank you your posts is important me :) i don't wanna use circles :)
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Re: magic circle
Post # 4
Another point to the use of the circle, The circle and sphere are seen as perfect and pure objects. They have no flaws, and are the strongest of the shapes. If you think about it, it is true. No shape is stronger then a sphere because when you attack a square, it's faces will crack, with a sphere the energy will be equally distributed around the entire sphere. The sphere and circle offer the strongest of protections.

And in all cases the symbols you see around magic circles are enchantments, giving that magic circle a sort of...strength... above a specific type of power that may attack you.

Hope this helps :D
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