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Spell help!
Post # 1
Hello I've just wonder if anyone had success with this site spell
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Re: Spell help!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I don't think it will work, try contacts instead.
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Re: Spell help!
Post # 3
I have a spell which has been proven effective, however you need to have complete concentration before hand and during the spell to properly conduct the glamor.

Sit down in a place of extreme silence. Allow nothing to interfere with your mind, reach into your mind, and envision your current eye color. Your mind must be very calm before this, no passing thoughts. Envision your eye color in full detail and keep this image, detailing it more ever minute for about 5 - 15 minutes until you see every detail. Make sure you do not think of anything else.

After you do this envision your eyes transitioning to the color you want. While chanting "Become of me" , see your iris changing color and pay very specific detail to the method in which it transitions from. Until finally you have reached the color you wish to have. Keep chanting the entire time without losing focus. When you have the color you want keep it in mind and see every detail you want as if you were looking in a mirror seeing your own iris'. Keep chanting with this image in mind for 5 - 15 minutes.

And if you managed to keep full concentration the entire ritual you will change your eye color. Of course using this spell is best done on the night of the full moon and if you open your crown, third eye and throat chakras it will amplify the effect even more. The effects will take place immediately and your eyes will follow the transition over the next few days. Depending on how you were concentrated and how much you put into the ritual. Hope this helps.
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