a possible solution

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a possible solution
Post # 1
having been here for about a year and a half under this username. i've seen enough post like "new here" or " how do i start" " do spells really work" for me to actually do something about it. i am currently taking a web site building class. we are about 5 weeks into it, and in the middle of class i realized the solution would be to create an additional webpage. which wouldn't be that hard. considering it a matter of copying and pasting the css link, and copy and paste the first 326 lines. just make the conformed register link have redirect to the new page, which tells the basics, then move on to the next webpage where they take a little quiz on it. sorta like the chatter rules. therefore there informed.Which brings up the other idea of having people take that quiz before they can post in the forum. i have feeling someone is going to mention the automatic mail which are generated when a account is created. people tend to ignore emails. all of us who already have an account would not have to do in the quiz part. It would just be to new accounts.
any ways that's just a possible solution.
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Re: a possible solution
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The problem is generally that people want every answer handed to them.

There are numerous places here, including numerous posts that say "for beginners" that simply go ignored.

Creating such a page is certainly easy, but still likely not worth the effort.

You will note how many people correctly agree to the chatter rules and then ignore them or fail to understand them.
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Re: a possible solution
Post # 3
i think Micah has a point. while yes it maybe a waste of time. isnt this site sapose to educate the " new comers to this site". maybe becuase of that quiz the actually will learn something, and thus be less in the dark.

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Re: a possible solution
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Such a link may be beneficial. Instead of people ignoring said posts (I'm guilty there) or posting a general response, we could have a link to direct them. Copy and paste...ah, the ease in that! The posts that pertain to teaching beginners "the basics" can be used to make the page as complete as possible with of course credit given to the posters for their words of wisdom.
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