Making a Herbal Book

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Making a Herbal Book
Post # 1

Hey guys i thought this would be really helpful for members if they wanted to keep something on herbs they might need for when they do spells, rituals meditation, you name it.

So i thought i would post something on making your very own Herbal Journal or book, what ever you might want to call it. Some can even call it there book of shadows or book of herbals for magicak and spiritual purposes.

I am on the process or planing to make my very herbal book. So that way i can keep a list of herbs that i need or will need any spiritual or magickal related purposes. You can make your book out of anything you can think or find. You can even decorate the inside of it with special decorations. Find things that mean something to you. But there is also an option also buy your journal at book stores. But it would probably be a little cheaper and more special if you make your own book. That way it holds your own energy and not someone elses. It also helps keep any kind of negative energy off towards it, for when you want to use certain herbs.

Even know there already a lot of books on herbalism that authors who are wiccans, pagans, shamans, practictionors of all kinds out there. Its good to have in hand even if you can't make your own. But i think this would be a great experience for anyone who wants to be more into herbalism and magick.

Once i do make my own herbal book, i will show pictures of it. but for now i just wanted to share this post for members.

Blessed Be

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Re: Making a Herbal Book
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I like this idea, but I tend to just put it in my Book of Shadows along with the whatever it is used for. If any of the people reading my reply, if you are interested in the Goetia and the other (Greater and Lesser) keys of solomon then you can always use a pen/pencil and write extras on next to the spirits name.
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Re: Making a Herbal Book
By: / Novice
Post # 3
i have a gereneral section in my book of shadows, but i am in the process of making a herb book, for medicine uses as well as magickal. its going to take a while because of my busy schedule and the amount of work it takes to create an entire bio on one herb, and the amount of researching that has to go into it. o boy! but when im done, its going to quite some book. im also trying to do this with crystals too. i like to write a book for each subject of magick i will work in, herbalism, crystal work, healing, religions, gods and goddesses. ext!
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Re: Making a Herbal Book
Post # 4
Love this idea. I currently have journals for I Ching and Tarot and Spells, but I used to practice herbal healing, and incorporate them into my rituals and spellwork. I should follow suit, I look forward to seeing or hearing about yours :)
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Re: Making a Herbal Book
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
About three years ago I began my own herbal binder. I used a 2inch ring binder. I have dividers separating sections for how to prepare herbs, herbs categorized by ailment, herbs categorized by medicinal properties, and herbs with all notes from every valuable source I could find. It's a way for me to memorize the information. It's a passion of mine.

As for magick, that's in a section of my magick reference, separate from my actual grimoire, also a binder but 3in. I like the freedom of being able to move pages around, take them out, or add new ones into the most readily found places. Since I've been collecting magick orientated info for over ten years, it pays to be organized!
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Re: Making a Herbal Book
Post # 6

I have my own herbal book. It is a ringed binder filled with any notes I have made, info, herbal uses, subsitutes, anything. I have had it so far for a total of seven years, and I laminate every page to avoid any damage. So far I have 689 pages.

Things you may want to include:

  • Herbal Substitutes
  • Metaphysical Properties
  • Medicinal Properties
  • How to Grow a particular herb
  • Herbal History or Folklore

Theres just a few suggestions to give people a few ideas what to start off with. Also, make sure if you are copying something from info you have got from a source, note down where you got it from.


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Re: Making a Herbal Book
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Another option that is very useful is an electronic version that you can store on a USB drive. I like the ability to take my BOS anywhere I go for easy access. I have everything separated in folders by category, including a file just for spell work.

Be sure to get at least a 8-GB drive as I quickly grew out of a 2-GB drive and needed to upgrade. I have been practicing for well over 20 years and currently have over 17,000 entries on my drive.

Remember...ALWAYS back up your work.

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Re: Making a Herbal Book
Post # 8
what a great idea... i have lists of herbs that have a lot of info on each except where to find them... (would've just helped) its been a continuously growing wad of papers.... a book never crossed my mind.... even when my lists flowed into pots with plants in the concrete jungle i live in... point being great idea getting it together today..... blessings
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