Energy question?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Energy question?

Energy question?
Post # 1
I think I lost energy. How do I gain more energy?
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Re: Energy question?
Post # 2
Ground yourself. Through meditation or otherwise.
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Re: Energy question?
Post # 3
Hello, if I may suggest;
In the magical system of the Cabala, of which you can pick and choose to perform as you wish; there is a method of protection, to banish, to perform a magic circle and, to raise energy. It is a long drawn out method of steps which involve strong visualization. You can start practicing these steps until you become proficient, even though your visualization skills are not very clear. The method is very forgiving, as long as you try.
The method is called the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram or, the "LBRP." You can see a video of it performed here. However, I read up on it from a book entitled "Modern Magick, Eleven Lessons In The High Magickal Arts" by Donald Michael Kraig.
1) p.7 The Relaxation Ritual-Which involves sit comfortably, visualize a warming golden ball of light surrounding your feet. Wherever you send this golden ball of light permeating your body, your muscles will become relaxed and refreshed...,
2)p.34 (Part One in the book), The Kabalistic Cross..,
3)p.36 Part Two, The Formulation Of The Pentagrams (the magic circle, in which several wiccan groups used as a guide to set up their own magic circle).
4)p.41 (Part Three, The Evocation Of The ArchAngels. This is a reformulation of "The Kabalistic Cross."
5)p.74 The Ritual Of The Middle Pillar. This is a form of Kundalini charging of Chakra points in the body. Except this is of; The top just above the head -the Crown Chakra, the nape of the neck (just behind the neck where you can bend it slightly back or the base of the neck), the solar plexus(where your ribs meet at the front of your chest but at the bottom part of the middle chestbone), the genitals, AT & below your feet.
6)p.109 The Circulation Of The Body Of Light. This is a circulation of energy method. Once you learn the basic patterns of controlling the flow of the Divine energy, you can experiment or, change it up. You can at this point, charge your magical objects with this Divine Light Energy.

Google all these terms or steps to the LBRP method, there are several websites with their own versions of what I have just described. Good hunting and blessed be..
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Re: Energy question?
Post # 4
Ooops, forgot to mention;
The LBRP method, is a way to gain, control and focus Divine Light Energy.
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Re: Energy question?
Post # 5
Cool story bro
Tell it again!

And to the OP
Eating food gives me energy!
Or energy drinks
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Re: Energy question?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Sit somewhere outside you feel comfortable. Close your eyes and meditate. Visualize roots growing from your legs and root chakra down into the earth. Then like a tree that draws nourishment from the soil, take a deep breath in and feel these "roots" pull up pure energy from the earth into your body. Keep doing this until your entire body feels "full". Sit for a moment this way, then place your hands, palms down on the ground in front of you. Don't push out any energy, but let any excess leave and go back into the earth.

Similarly (but far more obvious), stand barefoot outside on dirt or grass (be cautious of glass or sharp objects). Stand with your legs shoulder length apart and reach your arms up and out. So that your body forms something close to an X
Visualize roots from your feet driving into the earth, and "branches" of energy reaching out of your hands toward the sky. Breath and pull in the energy of the air through your hands, breath out any negativity and send it down through your feet into the earth to be absorbed and destroyed. Feel the stress and tension leave your body. Whether there be a sun or moon, feel the rays of this light enter through the top of your head and fill your body.

Then do as I stated above and place your palms on the ground and let any excess energy drain into the earth (don't push, just let it flow). The reason this is important is that too much energy can make you feel gittery, like a bad caffeine high, and this can feel just as bad as low energy. You don't have to do this if you're performing a ritual directly afterward.

You can choose another alternative. You can take in the energy from a breeze, clean moving water (like an unpolluted river), or a fireplace/bonfire.
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Re: Energy question?
Post # 7
you can get energy through energy meditation.

1.Breathe deeply. This will make your body change its energy a little, and make the mental muscles that control energy start paying attention.

2.Imagine a white glowing mist (representing the energy) entering your lungs every time you breathe in.

3.Imagine it leaving its incandescence in your lungs, so you exhale a dim mist.

4.Repeat with each breath for several minutes.

5.When you?re done, imagine breathing the incandescence back into the room (the inverse of steps 2-3).
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