Spells for Beginners?

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Spells for Beginners?
Post # 1

I so very rarely write any type of lesson or article of information for public, but I typed this up replying to a thread a member posted asking which spells to begin with. I see this question pop up everywhere and it seems no one actually answers the question to any extent beyond, "learn your basics", effectively waving their index finger in an effectively obliging manner.

What goes to the question, "What spells can I start with?" or "What spells are for beginners?" besides:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Stones
  • Herbs
  • Energy flow
  • Moon phases
  • blah blah blah...

Who cares? Most beginners do not so I beg them to consider this much:

It's commonly seen around the website for people to immediately suggest these "SoM Standards" called "The Basics".

Not only, but I don't thinkmostbeginners haven't heard somwhere the phrase, "learn your basics", so I'll try answering the actual question commonly heard, "any spell suggestions?", because I also don't expect them to go through years of beginner work without at least trying one spell. ;)
(Being realistic here...)

Spells come in various forms, obviously. Spells also come in differing "levels" of difficulty, each depending on the person using them.

Something to keep in mind is what magic really is. Magic, is the constant shifting and changing of energy, to put it simply. Spells, Iwillsay time and time again are tools to help a person affect the odds of their desired outcome to happen.

Using spells it is essential to understand that you are pushing for nature to twist out of the norm, out of its natural route of existence. When you do anything with spells (if even partially successful) you throw energy out there that shifts the original flow of things, thus there will always be consequences.

Consequences in magic is what I would consider one of the basics, you MUST understand what you're dealing with to use it properly, and to understand something you're using, you should have an educated idea as to what may come of it afterwards.

Be ready to handle the aftermath.

Every spell, completely successful or not, has aftermath, it has some form os consequence. These consequences differ from you simply used a piece of paper to cast the spell therefore you have one less piece of paper than you began with, to whatever mass issue can come of something as basic as burning a piece paper (you could in doing say, burn downyourhouse).

If you've ever heard the expression, "be careful with what you wish for" then you know exactly what I'm going on about.

Consequences of successful spells may not always be what you had intended, but you must be ready to handle them regardless.

To have an idea about how to handle the consequences that may come (you can't know everything that could possibly happen, but you can have a good about idea about some of it) puts you in a better position than the majority of beginners these days.

Some examples of what I mean are say you have two people.
Person A wants to cast a simple good luck spell because for some reason they keep falling on their toosh when they walk through doorways.
Person B wants to use a complex curse they found in a dusty book somewhere because some jerkwad stepped on their toe yesterday.

Which one do you think will have easier consequences to deal with?

This being said, I will tell you to decide on your choice of spell on your own.

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Re: Spells for Beginners?
Post # 2
thank you, finally im so glad you wrote this it is the answer to the question. I thank you and keep writing you have a way of explaining for others to understand. your straight and to the point and i dont know about anyone else but to me it is the best way to learn.. I hope you continue to answer questions and i will be the first to read anything you have to teach.
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No Subject
Post # 3
Erm ok so my question was somewhat answered here, but not really. Is it a good idea for a beginner to write his/her own love spell or any other kind of spell? I have never heard of consequences of a love spell either so where might I find some ideas of those?
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Re: Spells for Beginners?
Post # 4

Do the research, and figure it out.

It is indeed suggested a person write their own spells regardless of the subject. The main reason I list, is that it has your specific intention to it. With your specific intention there is, hypothetically speaking, less room for unexpected consequences.

You can never prepare yourself for everything that could happen, one reason is because the aftermath could be infinitely ongoing (never ending), at infinite lengths. What you can do though, is use common sense and rsearch.

Look up extensive information about love magic, look at it from various points of view, and asses the reasons you wish to use it. Figure out what your actions could cause, such as immediate aftermath. Once you do this, work on how to prepare yourself for it, or anything less desirable that could happen.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting in my opinion, but it's stupid not to know what you're facing. Understand what you're working with, and the possible, immediate consequences or at least "treatable" consequences would be all the more clear and tolerable.

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Re: Spells for Beginners?
Post # 5
your good :)
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Re: Spells for Beginners?
Post # 6
Great post Nallius.Also after you learned your basic protection and heal spells are good for beginners too.Plus psi balls are also a very easy concept.
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