ghosts in my house?

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ghosts in my house?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
everything started a 4 weeks ago. i felt a shadow inside of my house and generally around me. Some friends of mine told me that it has to be a ghost that wants something from me. I was kind of scared so I kinda avoid it.
a couple of weeks ago, I found out about a new gift of mine. I dont know what it is or how to control it.. its just the deja vu thing happening to me all the time. I can feel whats gonna happent before it does.
3 days ago, I was talking with a friend on the phone about my new "gift" the problem is that when i talk about something i feel it like its happening again, maybe it is coz im an empath. i dont know.
so, we were talking on the phone, I was focused on the feelings i had when i "used that gift thing" and i felt something cold touching my hand. then it was wispering things to me, telling me whats gonna happent between me and my friend in the future(about a big fight) then, I told my friend about that and we changed the subject. we were talking about that shadow i had.
and when i focused in the feeling of my gift, I felt it near me.
i avoit it again, so i closed the light and light a candle (with no reason.. i wanted to practice some stuff whatever)
till i turned around and saw it . i sit in the bed and opened the light. then i kept talking on the phone describing the situation. till i saw it so close to me (like kissing me)
i felt its anger.. and told me to close the light again.. and it touched me. i did. and i saw 3 of them then i opened the light and i felt pain.
then it told me again to close the light but i didnt.
My friend saw it into his room ( he is a psychic)
he comunicated with it and told me that it wants to hurt me.
and its better for me to get out of my room. when i tried to stand up. i felt it kinda holding me. i was so scared. I closed the phone and got out of my room
I couldnt sleep coz i was scared so i casted a circle around my bedroom just to feel safe.
It sometimes made scary noises like knocking etc.( it happened a couple of days ago and i wouldnt be able to sleep if i didnt cast circles. im so scared so please help me if u know what to do)
Whats happening to me?

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Re: ghosts in my house?
Post # 2
You might have a spirit from one of the lower realms trying to attach itself to you this spirits are jealous of what you have and might want to try and live through you as far as what they are telling you do not listen a spirit has no right to tell you anything if you don't want it too i would suggest a sage cleansing of your entire house and tell the spirit it has no right to be there stand firm and without fear and tell it to leave yell at it even and let it know that the house is YOUR SPACE it belongs to you not the spirit keep in mind that the spirit will lie to you so do not take anything that it says to you personally or on any level the biggest problem in why i believe spirits bother us is we do not know how to shield ourselves and are ignorant of the facts. that spirit is a guest in your house and has no right to tell you anything or make you afraid stand firm and tell it to leave without fear and do a sage cleansing around your house or pour salt around your house or at the doorsteps this will prevent it from entering the house because the salt signifies purity
i hope this helps
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Re: ghosts in my house?
Post # 3
This is very serious haunting you have here. I agree, you need to figure out what the motives of these ghosts are. Make sure to cast protection spells. Also, when speaking to the ghosts you must remember this phase, "they cannot hurt me, I have nothing to fear". These ghosts are taking advantage of your fear to make you think they can harm you, but the can't. It is very important that you remind yourself that these ghosts can't hurt you. Depending upon your faith, I would also recommend you seek assistance from your god(s). I have had some success with angels, but that's just me.
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Re: ghosts in my house?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I really thank u all. the problem is that im not good at protecton and defending magic and it is annoying and makes silly voices..
Im kinda scared and since im an empath i cannot hide it
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Re: ghosts in my house?
Post # 5
It doesn't matter how good you are at magic, or whether or not they can tell what your feeling. All that matters is what you are feeling. You must mentally reject (not denial, more like banishing) these ghosts. Through sheer force of Will you can accomplish anything. Ghosts are especially vulnerable to this sort of thing because they are made of energy and easier to (for lack of a better term) manipulate with magic. The key to solving this problem is believing in yourself.
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Re: ghosts in my house?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
thank u very much :) i kinda feel better now. im gonna try it
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Re: ghosts in my house?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Ok, first thing is don't panick or show fear. What it's done so far is all it is going to be able to do as long as you don't "give" it anymore power. Since you're sensitive it can mess with you more than if you weren't. You can see, feel, and hear them so they're using it to scare you. Making you believe they're powerful will allow them to do more. But they're not and you need to know that.

First off, don't listen to them. If they're not nice and tell you to do something, you need to put your foot down, tell them "no" and don't give them any sense of power. You're the one in power. It's your house and magick from a person on the physical plane has a far easier time overpowering simple spirits on the spiritual. So they use fear tactics to make you feel inferior, but your not. I will actually laugh at such attempts, and this usually discourages them because it's the only card they can play.

You don't have to be good at protection/defense. I would rather discuss your options in a pm, because I feel most people tend to attack spirits even when they're benevolent, and not just when they're being obviously malicious. So if you want to talk, pm me. Anyone else who pms me on such subjects may or may not get information based on what their circumstances are. I remain firm in that most spirits are to be respected. Only when they show disrespect should we take action as magickal practioners and give them a swift kick in the behind.

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Re: ghosts in my house?
Post # 8
I agree with everyone above. You got this ;)
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